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The All-in-1 BBQ accessory: When all the stars line up

All-in-1 BBQ accessory

A need, a lack, and the desire to do more on a single BBQ. This was what I was feeling. The desire to create, to innovate and to launch myself into a whole new passion. That’s how the All-In-1 BBQ accessory was born.


The All-in-1 BBQ accessory is perhaps the most ingenious BBQ accessory on the market today, especially for a Weber kettle BBQ or any kettle BBQ. It will literally transform your kettle BBQ into a pizza oven, a rotisserie grill or even a tandoori oven.


It all started on a Saturday night, at dusk, after I made a very big dinner for my wife and friends. I had to bake four gourmet pizzas in my Weber Master-touch, which many readers will know is a kettle-style grill. And If you didn’t know, making a pizza in a 22.5″ Kettle is not ideal. That’s because every time I cooked one, I had to lift the lid to check the condition of the dough. I lost the most important thing every time: heat. So each of my pizzas took 20 to 25 minutes to bake!


Let me tell you that unfortunately not everyone ate at the same time! That’s when I asked my wife if she wanted us to buy this accessory for kettle barbecues to make a pizza oven! She said, yes, why not? We’ll watch it at your party…


A week later, I’m getting ready to smoke a brisket. Usually I work with a reverse-flow smoker, but at the time I didn’t have any logs left. That’s a problem. So I decided to use my Kettle. Being a proud enthusiast of natural charcoal, I lit the fireplace and embarked on the project. 


Check the temperature


It was very difficult to control the temperature because it was always hotter on one side of the break than on the other. I then had to turn the brisket every hour, in addition to adding coal every hour with a half chimney, so as not to have too much variation in temperature. It was after 12 hours of cooking that the idea of the All-in-1 BBQ accessory started. Of course, this was after I went through.


But that’s not all. During that same week, my wife and I decided to make a little chicken on a beer can. I then prepared the whole recipe and proudly went to the BBQ, already lit, with a basket of charcoal on each side. I placed the chicken in the grill (a nice big grain chicken) and closed the lid. Well, at least I tried! The lid wouldn’t close!!!!! So I had no choice but to go get the original spindle turner. After checking the price, I found that it cost as much as the BBQ.


Sleepless nights


I was a little disappointed and bitter from my last cooking experience. But at this precise moment I probably made one of the best decisions of my life. I took a notebook and a pencil, I poured myself a good scotch on ice and I started drawing about fifteen prototypes, for one of my first sleepless nights for a long time. I was super excited because I had a product that could change the lives of the 60 millions kettle users!


The next day, 8:59 am, I had my cell phone in my hand with the number already dialled, ready to call my first factory for the development of my first prototype. A little later, another magical moment happenened in my life, the arrival of my daughter. It’s like all the planets had aligned for me. So I took my five weeks of parental leave to develop my first prototype by working more than 60 hours a week. All the while helping my wife with my daughter (a big thank you to my wife for endured my 20 round trips a week to the factory, which is 1.5 hours from home).


The All-in-1 BBQ accessory becomes a reality


After several days of work, I finally have the first All-in-1 welded in one end, with a removable door that holds using clip.


Clearly not the 2018 version you are currently seeing. In all, we had and tested about 5 to 6 versions in order to make the product evolve and arrive at the final version, which you could see in March 2018! 


Finally, after a year of improving my second child, the All-in-1 is now ready to conquer the world, having as support proud ambassadors and satisfied users! 

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