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Tasteful and healthy sauces, a combinaison I say yes to!

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Black Swan sauces have been created with customers who are looking to cook healthy meals without having to sacrifice the taste of their concoctions in mind. Of course, the flavour of the sauce is the first thing I think about when I plan my meals and this, Black Swan thought of it when they came out with their sauces. Indeed, whether they are used at the end of the cooking process on the BBQ, as a condiment in a hamburger or as a side in a plate for you to dip your pieces of steak, pork or chicken or even your vegetables in, Black Swan sauces are always an excellent combinaison. Made of quality low in sugar ingredients, I have no shame when I add some more of these healthy sauces in my plate or on my proteins (and trust me, you will want some more too!).

My personal favourite, and recipient of a gold medal by Amazing Ribs, the Sweet Cognac sauce, elevates any dish to a “high-end” level as it is made with real cognac and not just cognac flavour. When caramelizing, this alcohol develops all of its flavours and accentuates the taste of whichever product you cook into it. Hence, its sweet and not too spicy taste makes it so that you can dip your grilled vegetables or even pieces of your steak in it and enjoy it regardless. I am telling you, this sauce can easily become your favourite!

Also recipient of a gold medal from Amazing Ribs, the Beso del Fuego (Kiss of Fire) sauce, made of jalapenos and habanero peppers, will satisfy your love for spiciness without affecting your taste buds and stomach too strongly. Be careful though, this sauce is so addictive that you will try to add it to everything just to find out if a “not-so-heavenly” combinaison exists. I drizzled this sauce on my guacamole, my shepard pie, my tacos, my celeries (a great way to replace chips), my vanilla flavoured ice cream (this is a must try combinaison!!!), and everything tasted wonderful!

Last but not least, often forgotten, the Savory Original sauce should be renamed the #1 sauce because of its #1 taste!

Truly, this sauce is no simple BBQ sauce, but rather an authentic BBQ sauce with an original taste that can only be produced by Black Swan. In your mouth, a kick of pepper will tickle your palate and then, at the same time, you will detect a mix of a sugary and vinegary flavour which will wrap itself with the pepper puree and smoke flavour to result in a perfectly balanced mouthful. As we say, you can never go wrong with an original flavour. 😉

In conclusion, Black Swan sauces are not only flavoursome, they are also the ideal solution for people who are looking to eat healthy without having to compromise too much. One again, these sauces contain a very low amount of sugar, salt and unpronounceable ingredients, which is a definite plus. All in all, all I want to say is trust me, when sauces taste this good, you will catch yourself saying “an app… a portion of sauce a day keeps the doctor away” again and again!

Bon appétit!