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Small Kit, Huge Potential

Sometimes when you’re cooking, you just don’t know which vessel to use. It’s either too big, too small, too fragile or too heavy… Finding the right one is almost a feat in itself.

BUT! The days of looking for that perfect dish to heat up your sauce (for example 😉) on the grill are over! Oh yeah, we’ve created the perfect container for when you just want to make a “small” amount of something.

Long story short, let’s introduce you to our Basting Kit! 🎉

What is it? It’s a kit made of a small cast-iron pan and a basting brush with a silicone head. So, if you want to heat up some sauce or butter on the grill, you’ll be able to do it easily and even brush it on your food with the brush included.

In practical terms, the frying pan is nice because it’s already seasoned, so you don’t need to coat it with any grease beforehand to avoid corrosion and thus use it right away.

Capacity-wise, it can hold up to 1.5 cups of any matter. Whether you want to heat coffee, maple syrup (hello, taffy on the snow! 😍), soup, hollandaise, injection mix or cook shepherd’s pie, lasagna, quiche or bread pudding—anything is possible. Feasting on the perfect portion right out of the pan—it doesn’t get much better than this! 😋

Sturdy and thick, this pan is built to last and can be used on any grill. Its compact size also makes it the perfect thing to throw in your camping bag. No matter where you go, it’ll always come in handy.

Otherwise, as mentioned above, the pan is not a stand-alone item but comes in a kit, with a basting brush included. And—if you’re perceptive, you’ll notice—there’s an indentation in the pan’s handle for the brush. This way, you won’t be dealing with any more messes! That’s right, you won’t have to worry about where to put the brush when you’re done using it, and you won’t have to worry about messing up the countertops; the pan is designed to prevent that! 😎

By the way, the brush head is made of silicone and designed to withstand temperatures up to 550°F, so don’t be afraid to use the brush, even when your sauce or anything else is still piping hot, on the grill.

Easy to use and space saving, this set will quickly become a key part of your grilling toolset. 👌

Happy grilling!