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POW! Cannon Powder—an explosive flavor enhancer!

Cannon Powder

Take out your thermometers because it’s going to get hot, ladies and gents! 🔥 🥵

Oh yeah! We are spicing things up today. 😜

If you’re a heat lover, boy do I have something pretty hot for you! (Which, you guessed it, is made with hot peppers! 🌶 🌶 🌶)

Today I’m announcing that, as many of you requested, I’ve created a great spicy/hot product. I’ll even tell you that this is honestly the spiciest product in our entire collection. (OMG! 😳 THAT’S RIGHT! 😎) Basically, picture a hot sauce transformed into a powder. That’s what I created. “Whaaaaat!?” 🤯

Stay with me—I’ll explain.

What kind of product is it?
You may be familiar with my famous Booster, the flavor enhancer I made to help you taste more and drool more when you eat your food. vWell, my latest creation is another flavor enhancer, but super spicy. And, well, to make it easy to identify, we called it Cannon Powder—it explodes in your mouth! KA-POW! 💥 (It’s like… the Booster’s tough older brother!)

How to use it
You use Cannon Powder the same way as the Booster. That is, you can sprinkle it on your food before or after seasoning it, then before or after cooking it. It’ll awaken your senses and your taste buds.

How it tastes
When you taste it, you’ll feel its hot and spicy side on your palate instantly. The blend of flavors took me a long time to create, but I particularly like the strong kick you get from the cayenne and chipotle. In fact, Cannon Powder features many, many, many kinds of chilies from a variety of places. It’s a good mix of flavors that stands out and makes for a really well-balanced dish. 👌

What to use it with
Its spiciness will complement any flavor. EVERYTHING goes well with Cannon Powder: tacos, nachos, French fries, fish, pasta—even mayonnaise! It’s a no brainer; anywhere you would put hot sauce, you add this instead! 😜 I think it’s really neat, because, well… There isn’t really another powdered spicy seasoning you can put on anything available on the market, so it’s a pretty innovative product.

And here, if, let’s say you’re the type to drink hot sauce right out of the bottle (I really don’t recommend doing that by the way if you still want to be able to taste other foods in your lifetime, yikes! 🥵), you might not find it super spicy… But hey. Like I said above, yes, this is the spiciest product in our line right now, but there’s room to create something even more powerful in the future using other chilies. If enough of you ask us for an even more intense spicy kick, I might start creating something else (RIP my taste buds 🪦). But at that point, you guys are serious warriors! 😜

To sum up
In short, Cannon Powder is a spicy flavor enhancer that will add a touch of fire to any meal. It’s like any hot sauce’s worst enemy. 😜 You can add this to anything you want, before or after cooking, and create your own flavor profile to spice up your meals.

I can’t wait to hear and read your comments!

Happy grilling!