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Poutine-Stuffed Potato Skins Recipe!

poutine-stuffed potato skins

There will always be potatoes in our life. That’s a fact! They’re so good and we can cook them in so many ways. But between us, the best way to cook potatoes will always be on the BBQ! Sorry guys, truth has to be told. That’s why I’m about to give you one of the most awesome recipes you’ll ever made on the grill: my poutine-stuffed potato skins recipe!

Sadly, potatoes baked in the oven taste only the half pound of butter you add once they’re on the plate. Now, read this article and find out this easy and original recipe that requires almost no preparation. It will warm out your heart and stomach!






  1.   Take 4 potatoes of equal size and wash them.


  1.   Preheat the BBQ to 400 F.


  1.   Roll the potatoes in olive oil then add in the California rub.


  1.   Stir the potatoes on the potato rack and put it on indirect cooking on the grill.


  1.   After 40 minutes of cooking, remove the potatoes from the BBQ and the rack, then empty the potatoes and put the flesh aside to cook good mashed potatoes.


  1.   Fill the potato skins with your favorite or homemade poutine, then serve them while it’s still hot!


You can easily replace poutine with mac and cheese, sauteed mushrooms or even bacon, sour cream and shallots! The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination go!


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