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How to perfect the injected pork tenderloin

During the week we don’t always have time to do spare ribs, especially after a long day at work. When we get home we’re hungry and we just want to eat.

Recently my team told me that BBQ pork tenderloin is a really popular dish on Google. I said to myself, ok, so the readers want a good recipe, but one that’s quick to make.

Alright, guys, let’s do this. I’m going to explain how to make the juiciest, tastiest, simplest and fastest injected pork tenderloin in the world.

My recipe here is simple because there are really only three steps: Inject, apply the dry marinade and cook. Simple as that.

The injection will amplify the humidity and flavors. I suggest you choose an injection liquid and a dry marinade, which are complementary. If you are injecting apple juice, go with a sweeter dry marinade and vice versa.

Here is a very simple rule for injections in general: If you want it to taste like what you inject, just inject one thing. On the contrary, if you want it to taste like a lot of stuff, then inject lots of stuff.


Now let’s get serious!




Note that for the cleverest of the gang, you could do the injection stage the day before at the same time as the lunches.

First, you prepare your liquid for injection. Here, it is important to mention to you that it is really according to your tastes. Are you more of the savoury or sweet type? In short, here is my TOP liquid to inject.

  • For a sweet kick: Apple juice
  • For a salty kick: Blues Hog Tennessee Red. While other Blues Hog sauces are a little thicker, this one is not, so it works well with the injector.
  • For a crazy kick: Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey
  • For purists: Butcher BBQ Pork Injection. This injection will boost the taste of pork and make it juicier.

There is no maximum amount of liquid to be injected. As I often say to my customers, the better it is, the more you can inject!

After the injection, remove the excess liquid with absorbent paper, put the dry marinade on right away and start grilling.




Now that you’ve injected your pork tenderloin, it’s time to coat it with spice rubs.

I strongly suggest House of BBQ Experts Sweet Kansas rub. It really is AMAZING on pork.

You can also use Butcher BBQ Premium rub or The Original Honey Rub to coat your pork tenderloin and it would still be excellent.




Put the BBQ at a temperature between 300ºF and 400ºF. The hotter it is, the faster it will go. The less hot it is, the juicier it will be.

Sear in direct cooking on each side and/or until it comes off (about 2-3 minutes).

Place in indirect cooking until the tenderloin reaches pinkish cooking or 135ºF (about 10 minutes).

Let the pork tenderloin stand for about a third of the cooking time (about 3-4 minutes).

If you want even more taste, you can drizzle with a BBQ sauce like House of BBQ Experts Sweet Lemon. This sauce is excellent on pork.

So try this nice little recipe for a quick week. It won’t sacrifice the taste and tenderness of your meal.


Enjoy your meal.