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How to use the amazing Grill Daddy Pro brush

The Grill Daddy Pro brush offers you extra power to clean your BBQ grill and make it shiny clean. You…

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The GrillDaddy: So much more than just a grill brush

You probably saw it on TV a few years ago and thought, “Oh great, another ‘As seen on TV’ gadget”….

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The All-in-1 BBQ accessory: When all the stars line up

A need, a lack, and the desire to do more on a single BBQ. This was what I was feeling….

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The iGrill 2 bluetooth thermometer: The perfect temperature every time

There are several accessories that I consider essential for the BBQ, whether it’s my grill daddy, my salt block or…

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Valentine’s Day dessert sweet BBQ recipe: The Banana Amaretto!

You forgot to buy her something for Valentine’s Day, didn’t you? We know. But what if I told you you…

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The greatest BBQ bacon meatball recipe

It’s about time you embrace your inner BBQ bacon meatball spirit. After all, you know this BBQ bacon meatball onion…

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The HPBExpo in New Orleans: A big chance to compete and shine

The last time House of BBQ Experts and our founder Max Lavoie headed to the HPBExpo, we came home with…

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Hunsaker drum smokers: So simple yet so complex

I’m now crazy about Hunsaker drum smokers. It only takes a little stroll on site of the American Royal World…

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Grilling the most delicious snow crab 🦀

Snow crab on the BBQ? Oh yes, you can!  But you have to hurry up because the snow crab season…

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How to store your BBQ in winter

Winter is here and for some of you that meant the end of your grilling season (shame on you! Just…

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