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Why we need to include our kids in BBQ

What makes us difficult? Why don’t we like certain dishes? Why are we afraid to eat certain recipes? Is it…

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The best accessories for Opening Day 2020

With the MLB’s Opening Day 2020 happening on March 25th, baseball season is back! We know a bunch of you…

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The best BBQ lunch | Fun for the kids too

Spring break is upon us. The lucky ones get to go on an awesome trip while the others go skiing…

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10 new BBQ trends in 2020 by Steven Raichlen

World BBQ expert Steven Raichlen has long been a strong friend of ours here at House of BBQ Experts. Our…

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Napoleon Prestige 500 Grill: The most durable gas BBQ on the market?

The Napoleon Prestige 500 grill is probably the most durable gas grill series for the price tag. Along with being…

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BBQ Stainless Steel Guide: What steel grade makes the best BBQ?

When choosing your new BBQ or learning about your BBQ, one subject that consistently comes up is the stainless steel…

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7 staple dishes of vegetarian grilling

Believe it or not, here at House of BBQ Experts we have vegetarians on staff. Of course we do! Because…

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Blaze Grills: Everyday BBQs made extremely well

At House of BBQ Experts we work with several grill models, including the biggest, most renowned brands on the market….

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The complete Kamado BBQ guide 2020

  The kamados (or kamado smoker) is a charcoal BBQs made of Japanese-style ceramic. This process has roots in the…

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St. Patrick’s BBQ Scottish Egg recipe

Any BBQ fan can’t ignore St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish national holiday. This celebration includes lot’s of clover leaves and…

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