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Poutine-Stuffed Potato Skins Recipe!

There will always be potatoes in our life. That’s a fact! They’re so good and we can cook them in…

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The most efficient Poor Man’s Burnt Ends recipe

When I made my first brisket, I was excited that my girlfriend would be able to taste the final result….

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Complete Guide to Direct and Indirect Grilling

There are several different ways of cooking on a BBQ. The two most common ways are through direct or indirect…

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Sink your teeth into this competition ribs recipe

Did you know you don’t actually need to be a barbecue master to make real competition-level ribs? Yes, even you…

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The best Surf n’ Turf stuffed dumpling recipe

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself with a beautiful, delicious treat of a meal. For this occasion, I want…

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Firebarns Hot Sauce: You must try this delicious new hot sauce

I tasted Firebarns hot sauce for the first time ever a year ago and I definitely wasn’t thinking that it…

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Arteflame grills: Luxury and power in one BBQ

Some are already familiar with Arteflame grills. These beautiful grills combine art, form and function – exhibiting timeless style and refined taste. The Arteflame…

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Living it up Hawaii BBQ style: the trip of a lifetime

In 2018 the House of BBQ Experts crew headed out to Hawaii to engage in a trip made up of…

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The unforgettable Bacon Mille-feuille BBQ dessert

Do you like the combination of bacon and sweetness? How about just the combination of bacon with anything? Has that…

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The incredible BBQ story

Let’s take a stroll down BBQ history lane. Millions of years ago, the Australopithecus was feeding mostly on herbs, plants,…

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