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What type of grill is right for you?

What type of grill is right for you? (A comparison between the different fuel types) When the time to buy…

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Quick and Easy Pizza Dough

You’ve been thinking about it for a while… making your own pizza dough. THE dream! Well… it’s now or never!…

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Insulated Blankets: The Secret to Saving Fuel and Serving Up Juicy Meat! (Do you know what makes them different from BBQ covers?)

By Max When winter draws near, there are always people wondering whether they should put a cover on their BBQ….

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Hosting a Cookout

By: Max   Hosting a cookout is an art form.   It’s something that can take a while to master,…

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Injections From A to Z (or Why and How to Inject)

Injecting is pretty solid.   Whether you’ve ever injected food or not, it’s never too late to start. It can…

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Everything You Need to Know About Pellet Grills

Pellet grills are incredible machines—grills of the future. They are so amazing that in the next ten years, everyone will…

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How to Maintain Your Camp Chef Grill (super simple!)

By Max Pellet grills are really beautiful pieces of machinery.   In fact, Camp Chef grills are super easy to…

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Why and How You Should Season Your BBQ

YOU JUST PURCHASED A NEW BBQ? RIGHT ON! CONGRATS! 😎 Before using your beautiful machine, it’s important that you season…

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5 Reasons Why A Smoker Will Change Your Life

By JP While for some, owning a grill only means cooking a steak once a month, you’re one of those…

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The Origins of the Word “Barbecue” and the Evolution of its Meaning

Ever since mankind mastered and domesticated fire to keep warm, light up their way, and cook meat, fish, and other…

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