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Comfort food and drink: the cure for homesickness

It’s a little strange: sometimes we experience powerful feelings of missing home when we travel, commonly called homesickness. Believe it…

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The perfect afternoon of yoga and BBQ

What’s a more unlikely pair than yoga and BBQ? Yet one Saturday in the summer, that’s exactly what happened with…

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Recipe: Spooky Halloween Pumpkin and Spinach Frittata

Why not spice up your cooking game this Halloween? We’ll show you how to make the perfect Halloween pumpkin and…

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Barbecue, Paintball and the perfect shot

We had many memorable days during our trip to Hawaii. However, one particular day of barbecue and paintball comes to…

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My first American BBQ competition

I wondered what was up when one of the founders of House of BBQ Experts Max Lavoie, our BBQ guru,…

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Autumn BBQ: Fall is the time for good friends, good BBQ

Having friends over at home has always been part of my routine. Week or weekend, it’s always a good time…

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Why reverse flow smokers could be right for you

Have you ever heard of a reverse flow smoker or wondered what it is? Many swear that reverse flow smokers…

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Upgrade your grilled cheese game

This blog was written in honour of perhaps the most popular and beloved late night snack in North America: the…

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How to BBQ seafood like a pro

As a true carnivore, BBQing quickly became an important part of my life after I bought my grill. I started…

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The famous Himalayan salt block

Are you looking for a new way to cook and serve your favourite dishes? Behold: The Himalayan salt block! We…

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