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Easy BBQ recipes during the work week

When you cook on week nights it’s usually quick, efficient and, for the most part, easy, so sometimes it’s nice…

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Oakwood wood chips will add more flavor to your BBQ

Nothing is better than the taste of perfectly smoked meat. To attain this level of perfection, it’s important to use…

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How to make golden caliente walleye pitas!

  Ahh February in Canada, the month when we begin to live normally and enjoy the winter activities. Personally, I…

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How to make Chocolate Candy Bacon

Three words you never thought you’d hear: Chocolate Candy Bacon. Yes, it exists and it’s a delicacy waiting to be…

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Argentinian Chicken Legs

For a long time I worked in Montreal’s Portuguese district and that’s when I discovered real chicken. We’re talking authentic,…

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The best competition products from the World Series of Barbecue

Last fall, Ariane and I decided to fly to the Kansas City American Royal World Series of Barbecue to meet…

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How to organize the perfect winter barbecue

You can’t just watch the snow fall and look forward to the summer. Why not go ahead, invite your besties…

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Why winter grilling is easy… and fun!

I’ve already said it a million times, but maybe you didn’t hear me (hey, sorry, my voice is naturally gravelly,…

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Comfort food and drink: the cure for homesickness

It’s a little strange: sometimes we experience powerful feelings of missing home when we travel, commonly called homesickness. Believe it…

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The perfect afternoon of yoga and BBQ

What’s a more unlikely pair than yoga and BBQ? Yet one Saturday in the summer, that’s exactly what happened with…

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