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The best chicken wings recipe for the big game

The Big Game is just around the corner on February 2nd, and that’s awesome! It means that family and friends…

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Great recipes for the big game on Sunday 🔥🔥

We’re getting close, the big weekend of the year that I look forward to 364 days a year. The annual…

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Upgrade your smoking game with Yoder smokers

They call Yoder smokers the most versatile smokers on the market. And while we love all the smoker brands we…

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Competition mode: Wally BBQ at the World Food Championship

Our guy Wally BBQ recently returned from a trip to Dallas, Texas to compete in the World Food Championship, an…

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Chef Stefan Jacob’s bacon wrapped cheeseburger recipe

Are you looking for an extraordinary recipe to impress friends this weekend? Do you want to renew your love with…

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How to make the perfect potato rösti on the BBQ!

The potato is, without a doubt, the most cooked root vegetable in the world. Fried, mashed or diced, several techniques…

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Get your cold smoking on with Kamado Joe barbecues

Did you know that a perfect cold smoke can be attained with a Kamado-style grill? If you’re into cold smoking…

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How to choose the perfect injector

After we created our House of BBQ Experts Injector we decided that we needed to create a self-filling injector. What’s…

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Log smoker or pellet smoker: Which one should I buy?

 Do I go with a log smoker or do I go with a pellet smoker? This is the big question…

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Texas brisket: How to make it like a real pitmaster

The brisket cut of beef is becoming increasingly more popular, especially if we’re talking Texas brisket. Future pitmasters and competition…

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