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Our new sauce, a true classic!

a true classic!

A classic is something that stands the test of time and that everyone loves. I have worked very hard, for a very long time, to recreate the traditional BBQ sauce that everyone loves and remembers putting on pork and chicken when they were kids, but… I’ve finally done it!

The new sauce that I’ve created, THE Classic Pork & Chicken sauce, is now available on bbq-experts.com, and… perhaps it’ll soon be at your nearest retailer as well. (Pssst! If they don’t carry it, tell them to call us ASAP!!! 🤤)

Our new House of BBQ Experts’ favorite sauce is:

Tomatoey, peppery, a little sweet, and vinegary. It has a good garlic kick, a taste of molasses and hints of maple syrup. All mixed with herbs and spices. 🤤
Designed for pork and chicken, but also goes well with steaks, shrimp, vegetables and tofu.

Best cold, as a dip on the plate, but which can also be heated or grilled a little. 💯

In sum, for a little taste of nostalgia with a magical touch of House of BBQ Experts, there’s nothing better than THE Classic Pork & Chicken sauce. Without hesitation, I know this product will become your new go-to to serve with your meats and be your family’s favorite. 👌


Classic BBQ Sauce