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Our definition of a “Canadian BBQ”

Our definition of a “Canadian BBQ”

Since the dawn of time, people have been grilling food over fire.

As some Southern states in the US have a warm climate, many enjoy grilling food and eating grilled foods year-round. As they cook on their grill often, they bring out new trends, techniques, and flavor profiles for others to try. In Canada, on the other hand, it is not always obvious for some that a BBQ can be used all year long, but… that’s why we’re here. 😉

We are trend setters and have been grilling during the winter months ever since we started playing with fire, over 15 years ago.

A “Canadian BBQ” is actually a meal prepared on the grill that’s based on a marriage between the greatest BBQ influences of the United States and their Canadian adaptations using locally available meats and flavoring, all while considering the climate. For instance, the Canadian climate is actually awesome for cold smoking during spring and fall.

As you can imagine, the fact that Canada is a large country bordered by two oceans influences the foods that we grill. Indeed, we will work with foods such as fish, seafood, beef and game meats, pork, and much more. That said, regardless of our ethnicity and our favorite flavor profiles, our BBQed (or smoked) meals don’t have to be complex.

What’s great about Canada is that it is very multicultural. Indeed, it allows us to discover many flavorful BBQ techniques and rich flavor profiles, all coming from various ethnic communities around the country, and to integrate the flavors that emerge from these meals into our House of BBQ Experts products, which is wonderful. For example, our products include a Montreal dry marinade, which was inspired by the city of the same name. Originally used to cure meat to prepare some delicious smoked meat (the city’s world-famous specialty), Montreal-style spices have been used in the city for a long time. Our version, however, is flavor packed, but with only half the salt, and is now mostly used to elevate the flavor of steaks.

Of course, we also carry other dry marinades and sauces that were inspired by our travels abroad. Wherever we go when traveling, discovering new flavors is very important for us, as it is what we base ourselves on when we’re creating new products. The Kansas City-style and Texas-style dry rubs as well as the Funky Chili and Dragon sauces, for instance, are some of these travel-based inspired products. Truly, we like to recognize the many amazing tastes that originate from other cultures when we create something new.

Indeed, from the Caribbean or Jamaican Jerk dry rubs to the Asian Samurai sauce, the Argentinian chimichurri-type dry marinade or the New Delhi BBQ spice mix and rub, we have been able to develop flavors to meet our multicultural customers’ needs… And the customers are asking for more!

We are proud to be different while always staying authentic. Our products are made of quality ingredients and have been developed following our presence at American, European, and, of course, Canadian grilling competitions. 

One of our ultimate goals is to bring serious BBQ flavors to our customer’s plate to make them travel around the world or to make them savor their favorite flavors from back home every time they taste one of our dry marinades or sauces. Achieving this means making our customers enjoy prepping meals and grilling them over flames even more, and seeing them happy, makes us happy, and keeps us going.

Lastly, as the Canadian flag proudly bears a maple leaf, we could not end this blog without mentioning that one of our sauces contains maple syrup. Truthfully, we’d like to add that you have not tried a maple BBQ sauce until you’ve tried the House of BBQ Experts’ Maple Bourbon sauce. Oh yeah, you’ve read those two words right: “maple” and “bourbon”. Mmm.

To give you a bit of context, we were at a grilling competition in Kentucky when we tasted an amazing bourbon, and… that’s what inspired us to create this sauce! We knew that we needed to add a bit of Canadian sweetness to it, though, so we mixed it with some maple syrup, which as any Canadian knows, is never a bad idea! 😉 The result is phenomenal, you just have to try it for yourself to experience it if you haven’t already. Trust us.

To wrap it all up, a “Canadian BBQ” is a mix of many things. Our American neighbors, as well as the multiple ethnicities present in our country influence what we grill, the way we grill, and how we season our meals. To us, the world is an inspiration as it allows us to taste the many flavors that it has to offer, and we’re really happy to be able to deliver them to you and to put a smile on your faces through the House of BBQ Experts’ products.

In the end, Canada is a wonderful country and we’re proud to call it home. We’re always looking forward to sharing our expertise with more and more people. 

House of BBQ Experts helps gather people around flavors and fire and until next time, keep the flame going!

JP & Max