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The best accessories for Opening Day 2020

Opening Day BBQ

With the MLB’s Opening Day 2020 happening on March 25th, baseball season is back! We know a bunch of you will be busting out your grills and cooking up some amazing dishes, so we thought we wanted to show you a few accessories that go perfect with the new baseball season. We call it Opening Day BBQ!

For us, baseball means ballpark franks, giant bacon cheeseburgers, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, succulent ribs and slices of hot, fresh pizza. So we came up with our own roster of accessories that will help you make those awesome meats! This list will make the best opening day BBQ.



For ballpark franks, hot dogs and sausages:



The Injector


If you really want to boost your hotdogs full of juice, just like real pro baseball players, all you need to do is get your hands on The Injector!

Make the most of your marinades without spending the precious time that a long marinade takes. With this easy-to-use tool, you can inject your favourite flavours directly into your meat. Plus, it’s simple to use: the effortless flavour injections will allow you to marinate your food quickly and efficiently. Just add delicious juicy flavors.

It’s designed with a durable stainless steel removable needle and, best of all, it cleans easily!

And if you have a bit of a bigger appetite for pro-caliber injectors? Why not explore our Competition Injector? It’s bigger, badder and better!



The Tongs



Surely you’ll need to grip your ballpark franks with something! For this Opening Day BBQ, you’re in luck, because here we created an all-black, all stainless steel pair of tongs that beats the best of our competition.

When storing them, use its convenient lock to keep the Tongs closed and to help you save space. A convenient hanging loop lets you hang them within easy reach.

For any type of burger:


The Stuffer


Opening Day BBQ


This is possibly our coolest accessory, and the one that it seems everybody wants. Basically, the Stuffer helps you create homemade stuffed burgers with whatever you want. Cheese curds? Bacon? Chorizo? Onions? Sauces or spices? Mac n’ cheese? Just trust us when we say that you’re going to take your burgers to the next level.

Designed to hold up to ¾ pounds of ground beef, the Quebec BBQ Stuffer can be stuffed with an infinite variety of flavors, ingredients or fillings.


For ribs:


The Presto BBQ


Opening Day BBQ


If you want to make the perfect ribs for your guests when they come to watch the game, and you have a gas grill, you need more than just good luck. Seriously. You can’t hope that the ribs will be good! You need something that you know for sure will deliver on its promise.

For us, that’s called the Presto BBQ. It’s basically a multi-piece kit designed to help you make better ribs. Who doesn’t like that?

Enjoy smoking your ribs while keeping the humidity high in the barbecue: those ribs will be tender and juicy. You’ll taste the meat!
In the box you’ll find four disposable pans for cooking. Also included is a custom-designed rack to hold the pans together on the grill as well as a second rack which acts as the Presto BBQ meat separator. Make great ribs the easy way!

A full rack of baby backs fits between each rung of the rack, and you can cook up to five full racks at a time.

For pizza:


The All-in-1 (for 22″ grill) (for 26″ grill)


Opening Day BBQ


Use our ingenious, hand-crafted 26″ All-In-1 tool to transform your kettle grill into a smoker, pizza oven or tandoori oven! This durable stainless steel ring even supports rotisserie grills!

The All-In-1 is the perfect accessory for your Charcoal BBQ Kettle. A durable stainless steel ring allows you to turn your kettle into a smoker, pizza oven or tandoori oven. It even supports rotisseries!

The Pizza Peel



Opening Day BBQ


Sometimes you just want to look good while using durable, well-built accessories for your BBQ. Check and check with the Pizza Peel.

Fire up that pizza the right way with the House of BBQ Experts Pizza Peel! Never worry about getting too close to a heat source again – just pop that baby into your grill or cooking aparatus, and feel the ease of use of the Pizza Peel. You’ll be cooking like a real pizza star, staying safe, and making your life much, much easier!

The House of BBQ Experts pizza peel is a light, easy to use aluminum spatula with a beautiful wooden handle.


Want to check out a wide variety of premium BBQs, tools and accessories? Head over the the House of BBQ Experts for all your BBQing needs!

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