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New markets, new recipes

New markets, new recipes

The huge success of the House of BBQ Experts’ mother brand and its multiple projects and collaborations has generated quite a wave this spring. Indeed, having ready-to-grill food items, a lottery ticket, and a partnership with the company that sells the most-consumed beer in Canada really put it (even more) on the map.

That said, there are still lots of new things coming up for the House of BBQ Experts! For example, as you know, the BBQ season is currently in full swing in Canada, so the demand for BBQ products is high. Customers want new, easy, recipe ideas and healthy food options, and we (myself and the whole team at House of BBQ Experts), are proud to be there to provide millions of Canadians with what they are looking for.

Indeed, when we saw how huge the demand on the market was for new cooking options (and recipes), we knew what we had to do. We thought, “what customers want, customers will get.” So we reached out to some of our friends, found the right partners, and in record time, new products were born!

Regardless of what you generally eat, your age, and your cultural background, if you are reading this it’s because there is one thing that ties us food lovers together: our love for everything BBQ. And as we all know (even though it is not always easy to admit), side dishes complement our meals by adding lots of new flavors to them. Of course, if you are anything like me, BBQed side dishes are always much more interesting and always seem to disappear much faster from your plate than say, a traditional salad. 😜 Hence, we thought, what better way to respond to the demand than with vegetables? The good kind of vegetables, you know, the ones that come with seasoning and are ready-to-grill. 😉

Yes, you read that right. It is with great pleasure that I am announcing that the House of BBQ Experts’ ready-to-grill vegetables are now available for purchase at select Walmart locations in Ontario and Quebec! (Oh yeah!!) More than that, if you wander in the province of Québec this summer and are looking for a grocery store, select it well as you will also be able to find our ready-to-grill vegetables in IGA grocery stores. (Double yeah!!) It truly cannot get any more amazing than this!

Actually, scratch that. I know that you will be looking for exciting ways to cook these beauties, so here, as a bonus treat, I will tell you right now that we will shortly release some recipes to go along with these wonderful products. 😉

Stay tuned, more great content will follow!

Have a great BBQ!



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