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Recipe: Maple butter salmon on Himalayan salt block

Maple butter salmon

If you’re looking for a tasty, healthy dish, I’ve got it for you here. This is my maple butter salmon on a Himalayan salt block recipe. It’s cooked unilaterally with a coffee crust and with a maple butter glaze.

Not only does the maple butter salmon dish have lots of protein with a lower carb and calorie count than meats, but the maple butter really adds another dimension of flavor.


Maple butter salmon




1 salmon filet

40 grams of dry coffee marinade

1/6 cup of maple butter

1 Himalayan salt block




Maple butter salmon


Place the Himalayan salt block in the barbecue and preheat it to 500°F.


Scrape the salmon skin with a knife to remove the scales, leaving the rest of the skin intact.


Once the skin is smooth, cover the salmon flesh with the dry coffee marinade.


Place the salmon directly on the Himalayan salt block with the skin on the plate and the flesh up.


Leave the salmon for about ten minutes on the salt block, without turning the piece over, then take it out of the BBQ.


Immediately after removing the salmon from the barbecue, lacquer it with maple butter.


Cut into bite-sized pieces and enjoy.


The skin will be crispy thanks to the block of salt and the fat between the skin and the flesh will lubricate it. It will be cooked by its boiling juices, the center of the flesh will be hot, but still raw, and the top of the net will be cooked by the ambient heat of the BBQ.


The perfect mix: salty, sweet and bitter. We like that!


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