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My head over heels love story with lasagna

Lasagna recipe

When it’s really cold we have even more reasons to eat comfort food made with our favorite barbecue. And if it includes my lasagna recipe?

The bad times are exceptional opportunities to cook on the BBQ. That’s because these moments are even more appreciated by family who look at us with respect and admiration in front of this proof of absolute love. But perhaps the greatest happiness comes while eating with your family while watching the winter snow falling down.

This weekend, with all the depressing icy and cold weather, I told myself it’s a perfect opportunity to make one of my favorite dishes: lasagna.

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of pasta. But lasagna is definitely one of the best noodle-based dishes and my son loves it.

Remaining faithful to my “well done fast” cooking principle, I set out to thaw one of my spaghetti sauces from the freezer. I made that sauce a few weeks ago on my Camp Chef pellet grill. Lasanga is like the perfect BBQ dish for quintessentially busy people wanting to cook outside.

When I cook traditional pasta, I want to grill up peppers, onions and mushrooms sprinkled with Explorer spice rub to make my lasagna “healthy”.

Call it my 2020 resolution.

Whatever. I’ll put in an EXTRA vegetable in my Sunday lasagna.

After all, a good lasagna with a true layer of tasty cheese, thick sauce and covered with mozzarella does the trick every time.

Ok, confession time. I’m like lasagna so much I even like to make chicken lasagna (that’s with a whole chicken cooked slowly on the All-in-1 rotisserie. I make it juicy and tender, coated with Argentina rub and accompanied by layers of mozzarella, ricotta or cottage cheese, grated béchamel or parmesan cheese).

But let’s be real here: don’t be afraid to let yourself go.

I’ve tried tofu and tempeh lasagna, which I found rather mushy.

To tell you the truth, I even tried a lasagna with sundried tomato pesto and eggplant slices to replace the pasta. I’ve tried 100% vegetable lasagna, seafood lasagna, grilled vegetable lasagna, you name it.

But I especially enjoy tasting lasagna with a huge layer of cheese or layers of hidden pepperoni. Or even that recipe from your gourmet chef aunt who always knows where to put a little sausage, bacon and love in this comforting dish.

Bacon and cheese go everywhere, that much should be clear. But adding in layer of hidden happiness in a lasagna: wow.

Sometimes you have to know how to respect a classic while other times you have to reinvent yourself. Choose your side.

For my part, if it is creamy, tasty and just hot enough, I always say yes to a lasagna because it reminds me of the Sunday of my childhood, when my mother made a meal for six, with spaghetti sauce out of the freezing: a perfect rescue for the busy modern mother.

Lasagna recipe options



  • Meat sauce, creamy pesto, béchamel, rosée sauce and delicate veggie sauce are all timeless classics
  • Parmesan cheese, ricotta, cottage and mozzarella cheese are a must when making lasagna
  • Know that ground pork, chicken, vegetables, cold meats, 4 cheeses and grilled vegetables are great ideas to add a twist to classic lasagna
  • Fresh pasta, frozen pasta, canned pasta and homemade pasta are also delicious.

There are so many options. Don’t overthink it. Just make your favorite lasagna.

Weekend evening tip: Prepare all your ingredients in advance, make your sauce and even cook your pasta. Keep it in the fridge until it’s ready to assemble, just before throwing it on the barbecuing to reheat. Melt the cheese with your back burner if your bbq has one by turning the pan in order to evenly brown. When you have the lasanga over indirect cooking, the smell will attract the entire neighborhood for weeks.

My favorite foods?



I love goat cheese, my son loves grilled peppers and my best friend swears by grilled pine nuts pesto.

In gluten-free gluten-free lactose-free pleasure.

Lasagna is like the king of comfort foods. So go, make it to your liking and don’t ask for permission?

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