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Introducing our Black Stainless BBQ accessories

BBQ accessories

Any BBQ master needs the best tools to master their art. Think of it this way: a homebuilder isn’t using a plastic Fisher-Price lil’ work bench, so why should a pitmaster settle on inferior BBQ tools? 

Every BBQ master should have a good eye for the accessories that will help them create the best BBQ show ever seen in town.

At House of BBQ Experts, we’ve searched long and hard to find and sell unique, reliable accessories! These are the types of BBQ accessories that need their own intro: kinda like this

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen (crowd noise), here are our new Black Stainless Edition accessories.



House of BBQ Experts Black Stainless Edition Tongs


House of BBQ Experts Stainless Steel Tongs are ideal for handling meat on the grill or pinching your annoying younger brother. They’ll add style to your line of grilling accessories and they’ll allow you to efficiently handle food on the barbecue. The BBQ tongs are an indispensable accessory for a grill master! No pitmaster can deny this fact. In our humble opinion, these are the best stainless steel tongs on the market. 



House of BBQ Experts Black Stainless Edition Basting Brush


Enhance the taste of your meats with a brush stroke! Baste that juicy piece of meat like a BBQ Picasso. You’ll get the perfect product while making the brother-in-law jealous! A win-win!

The House of BBQ Experts basting brush has a stainless steel handle. It’s long handle is designed to reach food on the grill while keeping a good distance for safety. Its silicone bristles hold your basting sauce well. The brush head can withstand a maximum temperature of 550°F and can be placed in the dishwasher after use.


House of BBQ Experts Black Stainless Edition Spatula


House of BBQ Experts’ black stainless steel spatula adds style to all your cooking accessories. Its superior quality design makes it easy and convenient to turn and flip all your meats and other foods on the grill. You’re the king of burgers! Welcome to (insert your name here), can I take your order?  



House of BBQ Experts Black Stainless Edition Charcoal and Ash Rake


The Charcoal and ash rake is also made of stainless steel. Its long handle will keep your hand away from the heat of the charcoal. Its rounded edges allow better handling inside the grills and easily remove ash and/or charcoal. The charcoal and ash rake also allows you to dispose of the ashes and move the coal inside the barbecue. 


House of BBQ Experts Veggie Rack (set of 2)


NO MORE potatoes cooked in an aluminum dressing gown! The House of BBQ Experts veggie rack allows you to cook your potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peppers or even your apples faster! The tips transfer heat inside the vegetable, which speeds up cooking. You should have thought of that!

Whether it’s for cooking your potatoes in the oven, or with your steak on the grill, the House of BBQ Experts Veggie Rack allows you to cook your favourite vegetables quickly and efficiently! The vegetarian in me can’t be more fulfilled than that! Add a bit of House of BBQ Experts California spice mix to your potatoes or House of BBQ Experts Argentina spice mix to your vegetables and I’ll probably invite myself to dinner!


In short, to handle the power of fire you need the best tools in your toolbox! For unique, ergonomic, black stainless accessories, order with us! We’re ready to ship these beautiful things right to your doorstep. 


 Have a great BBQ!

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