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7 staple dishes of vegetarian grilling

Ideas for vegetarian BBQ

Believe it or not, here at House of BBQ Experts we have vegetarians on staff. Of course we do! Because whether its meat or vegetables, the grill doesn’t discriminate. It makes all foods awesome. That’s why any true pitmaster needs to have a few ideas for vegetarian BBQ up their sleeve.

That said, we know that there’s a few vegetarian BBQ foods that stand far above the rest when it comes to grilling. Behold: The 7 wonders of the world for vegetarians. These are recipes for vegetarian BBQ or just simply vegetarian foods that always go well when it involves BBQing. These vegetarian BBQ recipes will transform your cooking to head towards a higher plant-based diet.

Even if you’re a staunch meat-eater, there’s no problem with cooking up a few vegetarian BBQ ideas. So stick with us on these great ideas for vegetarian BBQ.



— Ideas for vegetarian BBQ —



Grilled Romaine Hearts


Grilled romaine hearts are delicious when grilled, especially if you add a bit of extra virgin olive oil base. 


To make a Caesar salad, just season your romaine with salt, pepper, some olive oil and grill the lettuce over high heat. As soon as the lettuce is ready, add grilled croutons on the barbecue, some lemon juice and olive oil. Divine!


Argentinian salad


In the same vein, if you want to make a tasty salad, why not make a typical Argentinian salad ?


Add peppers, red onions and lettuce directly into your charcoal! Seriously. 


Yes, directly on your burning coal. You must literally burn your vegetables! Once the skin of your vegetables is completely carbonized, place the vegetables in an ice water bowl. Then remove the skin and dry your vegetables a little. Cut into strips and put in a salad bowl. Add House of BBQ Experts Argentina spice rub and that’s it: you have your ticket to Argentina!  


Asparagus & sesame oil


Grilled asparagus on barbecue is far from being “meh” ! It’s best mate, in my opinion, is sesame oil! And if you like being creative, add House of BBQ Experts Montreal spice rub.


Simple but so delicious!


Potatoes without aluminum foil (up your game)


Ideas for vegetarian BBQ


Forget about the aluminium foil with your potatoes. The tool you need to revolutionize your veggie grilling is the House of BBQ Experts Veggie Rack.


In a bowl, put 8 potatoes. Add olive oil and the following two spice rubs: California and Argentina, both from House of BBQ Experts. Pop the potatoes on the rack, then put them on indirect cooking for about thirty minutes.


The crust of your potatoes will be crispy and especially tasty


Grilled zucchini and cherry tomatoes skewers


If you want to make colorful skewers, why not combine cherry tomatoes with zucchini!


Add olive oil, both California and Montreal spice rubs, then grill your skewers over medium heat for at least 15 minutes. Do you feel funky? Add cheese to grill on your skewer. The kids will love it and will ask for more vegetables!


The Cucurbits family! Squash, zucchini and more!


Ideas for vegetarian BBQ


Why not make some soup to warm up a little. And since we’re here, why not cook your squash on the barbecue! You can also grill zucchini and cucumbers with your BBQ!


The famous grilled corn


I’ll end my list with the icing on the cake! Boiling your corn is a crime, believe me! Grill your corn.


Not only butter can dress your corncob. You can also use a variety of creative spice rubs and even oils to dress your corn.


Now you’re able to enjoy a few more veggies on your plate or even dare to invite vegetarians to your next BBQ!


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