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How to use the amazing Grill Daddy Pro brush

Grill Daddy Pro

The Grill Daddy Pro brush offers you extra power to clean your BBQ grill and make it shiny clean. You can use it on medium sized gas and charcoal BBQs. Each Grill Daddy model works the same, whether you own the Original Grill Daddy, the Grill Daddy Pro, the Grill Daddy Platinum or the Grill Daddy Safety Clean



Here’s how the Grill Daddy works:


1.To get an optimal result, preheat the BBQ on high intensity for 10 minutes, to burn off the food residue. 


2. Make sure that the water valve is in the “off” position.


3.Remove the cap and fill the Grill Daddy with water. Put the cap back and make sure it’s tight enough. Don’t use soap or degreaser.


4.Turn the valve to the “on” position et start cleaning the grill. By using the main brush, brush in the same way as the grill. Water will automatically be released, turn to steam when it gets in contact with the hot grill and will melt everything left on the grill. Grease, black residue, carbonized food crust, carbon, nothing can stand to the brush. 


5.For tough residue, use the scraper brush. Hold the Grill Daddy brush upside down and perpendicularly on the grill, moving the brush from left to right.


Everything will be clean in a few minutes



Furthermore, the water won’t shut down your coal, because it turns to steam when it gets in contact with the grill. You can use it when the fire starts to tame down, even during the cook. The best thing is that your brush won’t get dirty and the bristle won’t get slimy. Specially made to get your grill back to new, the Grill Daddy can reach the hardest part to reach of your grill, without breaking it. Mostly, you’ll be sure to have a clean grill that will help your food keeping its delicious taste.


It’s the end of grease and food blocking your grill, of useless hard work, of chemical use. The Grill Daddy is the easiest and fastest way to have a like new shiny grill. 


Please note: Be careful when using it on a hot grill. Using oven mitts and an apron is recommended during the cleaning and cooking.  


Replacing the brush is super easy


We’re not going to tell you you won’t ever have to replace the brush, but we can tell you you’ll be doing it way less with the Grill Daddy than with the other brushes on the market. Still, if you need to buy a Grill Daddy Regular replacement brush or a Grill Daddy Pro replacement brush, you can do this easily with us.



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