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How to store your BBQ in winter

How to store your BBQ

Winter is here and for some of you that meant the end of your grilling season (shame on you! Just kidding). That’s why we want to teach you how to store your BBQ in winter. 


Even if I recommend using your BBQ all year long, it’s possible that you’ll have to store it from a lack of space or just because you don’t want to freeze to death while cooking. A lot of options are available to store your BBQ.


First, make sure to clean your machine well before storing it. Remove the burner, the diffuser and the grill. Clean them up with degreaser and a lot of water to remove grease, oil, and residue that could attract insects. Obviously they’ll likely die from cold, but they’ll do it in your BBQ, which would create residue. 


Afterward, clean the tank with degreaser. Let it work for a few minutes and brush it with a nylon brush, a steel brush or a scraper to make sure that you remove all the grease. Rinse it thoroughly to remove all the chemicals. 


If your BBQ is in bad shape, you need to be extra careful to make sure you don’t break the components. When you’re done with all those steps, rebuild and start your BBQ on “high”. The high temperature will burn what’s left of the residue and the degreaser. 


Where should I store it?


To protect your BBQ during the harsh winter months, you need to store it in a dry place. The garage or the shed, if heated, are the best. If not, wrap it in a tarp on your patio. You need to avoid the grass because it accumulates humidity. 


Make sure that your installation is as waterproof as possible so water doesn’t drip on your BBQ.


Most of all, just be smart. Is leaving your BBQ to face the elements a smart idea? Definitely not. Protect it like you would protect any decently expensive investment. Care and protect for your grill and it will give back to you with many more years of great cooking.


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