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How to organize the perfect winter barbecue

Winter barbecue

You can’t just watch the snow fall and look forward to the summer. Why not go ahead, invite your besties over and have an awesome winter barbecue?


If you prepare like a true pitmaster for this type of BBQ, it can make for a genuinely fun and cool experience for everyone. And just like us, after you’ve done it once, it’ll become like tradition to organize a warm winter barbecue. So just follow these easy tips and your guests will want to come back again and again.


Prepare the location

The first thing to do is to clear the barbecue and the table, the chairs or the benches to leave no wet place, which could cause falls.


Dress warmly

First, you clearly need to forewarn the guests to dress warmly if you don’t want to see them hiding indoors while you cook your food. The point is to have folks gather around the BBQ while its going, warming up and having a few heart laughs. Plan extra scarves, tuques and gloves in case your guests have forgotten them.


Create an atmosphere

In order to encourage your guests to stay outside, it’s important to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. To do this, you can install lanterns or outdoor lights. Playing music is always a great way to set a mood as well.

If you have them, you can put sheep skins on chairs or benches or take out blankets. You can also use a patio heater to make sure the guests don’t turn into human icicles. You can also cut down the effect of wind by installing a canvas to protect your guests. If you really put in the effort, it can make for a cool little winter wonderland setup where people have real fun (despite being outside in winter). 


Hot drinks to warm up

Serve hot drinks like hot cider, mulled wine, hot apple juice, hot milk or hot chocolate for those with a sweet tooth. And why not heat marshmallows directly on the barbecue? Of course you should do this!

After the aperitif, serve a soup for a starter. It will warm your guests’ hearts!


Hot side dishes

Opt for hot side dishes such as grilled vegetables or potato gratin instead of salad and bread – all on the barbecue, of course!


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