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How to make golden caliente walleye pitas!

walleye pitas


Ahh February in Canada, the month when we begin to live normally and enjoy the winter activities. Personally, I love to ice fish. I enjoy finding the right spot, catch the fish and then cooking them on my barbecue that I bring to the cabin. Here I’ll pass on a recipe that will warm your bones and satisfy your taste buds during those cold winter days! Here I’ll show you how to prepare and cook the perfect golden caliente walleye pitas. 


Ingredients (for 4 golden caliente walleye pitas):


-2 walleye fillets, freshly caught

– teaspoon of House of BBQ Experts Ocean spice mix

– cup of flour

– tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

-1 egg

-1 radish

– Cilantro onion

-1 mango

-1 habanero pepper

– teaspoon of butter


– Firebarns Tequila lime hot sauce

– 4 pita bread

-1 lemon



1- Prepare the walleye fillets flat on cooking stones

2- Mix the flour and the House of BBQ Experts Ocean spice mix

3- Brush the walleye with the egg and flour in the previous mixture

4- Prepare a spicy mayonnaise by mixing mayonnaise and Firebarns Tequila-lime sauce

5- Cut and prepare mango, radish, habanero pepper in small slices

6- Mince the cilantro onion




1- Preheat the BBQ at full intensity

2- In a pan going on the BBQ (preferably cast iron) mix butter and a tablespoon of olive oil (so that the butter does not cook too quickly)

3- Cook your walleye fillets (2 to 3 minutes) on each side to get a crispy texture

4- Sear the pita breads quickly, directly on the fire, to give them a good BBQ taste


Preparing your golden caliente walleye pitas:


1- Add mayonnaise on your bread, add the walleye, radish, mango, habanero peppers and cilantro.

2- Add a squeeze of lemon for extra taste if desired

3- Enjoy!


Have a good BBQ! And more importantly, enjoy those succulent golden caliente walleye pitas!


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