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How to choose the perfect injector


After we created our House of BBQ Experts Injector we decided that we needed to create a self-filling injector. What’s better than cooking a big piece of meat and not having to take the extra time to fill up the tool?

It’s all about convenience!

Why inject a piece of meat ?


If you’re not used to this practice, you probably asked yourself “why inject”? And the answer is quite simple: to add tenderness, moisture and additional flavours to whatever you’re cooking.

The next question is: What to inject? There are several options. First of all you can use commercial injection blends. Whether it’s BBQ Butcher, Kosmos Q, Oakridge BBQ or others, there are several good spice blends on the market.

Another option is to inject fatty substances in a piece of meat that tends to become drier, like wild meat, or a less tasty piece, like filet mignon. An injection of butter flavoured with herbs and/or alcohol makes perfect sense.

The third option is a homemade mix or brine, and you can let your imagination do the work!

Which injector should you chose?


A good question, indeed. We currently have three injector models in our House of BBQ Experts product line: “The injector” and “The Competition Injector“. So many options, but which one to chose?

Here I’ll explain them in more detail:

The Injector is made of plastic and has a single needle. This is our entry level injector. It’s a good option for beginners and for people who do not want to invest too much before knowing that they love injecting meat. It is also perfect for people who only inject meat sporadically.

The Competition Injector: in my opinion, this is the ultimate injector. Made of hardened steel and highly resistant plastic, it is the best ally of all competitors. You can inject continuously with automatic filling. It’s such a pleasure making beef briskets with this tool! It comes with two needles and it’s possible to set the right amount of injection by pressure. It’s also dishwasher safe. It’s called the competition injector, but is clearly an asset in the kitchen. I’ve been using it for a while and, WOW, I could not go back.




In summary, these are three good options depending on your needs. I’ve had excellent performance out of my injector through the years, but I have a big soft spot for the effectiveness of the Competition Injector. The moral of the story: to each his own type, but the important thing is to inject.

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