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Five years already!

House of BBQ Experts

If I go back five years earlier in our journey here at House of BBQ Experts, I remember having butterflies in my stomachs as we took possession of the keys to our shop. We finally realized the dream of having a storefront with our brand proudly displayed on the building!

Five years ago we opened our very first store in Quebec, Canada! It has been quite an adventure since, with the opening of three other boutiques, our first franchise and exciting partnerships. After that we upgraded our Quebec boutique to a shop three times the size.

It’s a great pride for me to celebrate this major milestone with you! Five years of effort, five years of always wanting to offer the best to our customers and our employees. Long hours of sweat and tears with the team, but always with a smile on my face. That’s because for me and my team, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that our service offers people more opportunity to share the good times around a BBQ with friends and family.


House of BBQ Experts: A family brand


The House of BBQ Experts brand is a family business, but the BBQ community in itself is a bigger family. That’s why it’s so important for us to celebrate this event with you. Our BBQ adventure would not be possible without you our customers, and without the commitment of our partners and our fiery team.

Today at House of BBQ Experts you can buy BBQs and smokers like The Beast and El Padre by Hamrforge, as well as discover the new CIMARRON s smoker by Yoder! And of course, we offer our own strong line of sauces, spices and hand-selected accessories picked out by our team of experts.

We’re looking forward to an even stronger future five years here at our company. Happy BBQ!

Max Lavoie, President, House of BBQ Experts


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