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Firebarns Hot Sauce: You must try this delicious new hot sauce


I tasted Firebarns hot sauce for the first time ever a year ago and I definitely wasn’t thinking that it would even become one my favourite hot sauce. I got hooked on the first drop. Without burning the inside of the mouth, Firebarns hot sauce gives this little heat that makes us salivate just enough to want to take an extra drop.

Firebarns hot sauce is a tangy sauce made with hot peppers. Cooked in Quebec City, it’s perfect for tartare, sushi and seafood lovers, or for those who like barbecue, ribs or chicken wings.

Firebarns is perfect for everything from lasagna to hamburgers to omelettes. If you’re an amateur when it comes to spice, you will be conquered!


“The Original”


The Original sauce is the perfect all-rounder for pizza, chicken wings, spaghetti sauce, Caesar bloody or tartars. With a lively taste of habanero peppers and an intensity level of 4 on the Firebarns scale, it will warm your heart and taste buds.

They even have a funny mascot, a dog named Barney. Barney shows up on almost all of the Firebarns branding.

Perhaps the best sauce by Firebarns might be their bacon sauce. Habanero pepper with a smoky bacon flavor mix together to produce the Firebarns Bacon sauce. It has a spiciness degree of 4/10 and you’ll definately taste that nice bacon taste. It could be one of the most creative-tasting sauces that we sell here at House of BBQ Experts.

So next time you’re ready to pick a new sauce, try out a bottle of Firebarns. If you want hot, you’ll get that. If you want tasty, you’ll get that too.

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