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The House of BBQ Experts’ family is growing!

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Here we are. Another day filled with promises knocking at our door!

We’re already in December; a crazy season that rolls off of a summer season which seems to have stretched until November, and that plunges us directly into the season of gift giving, big comfort food meals and inevitable winter BBQ season—especially as many of us will be spending winter at home, confined, we might as well have fun en enjoy it! (Covid-19 can’t win it all!)

JP is at home, preparing for a huge project that is coming up this winter. We have been working on this since August, but cannot say anything about it for the moment. It’ll be a big reveal, Lavoie style. Max, on the other hand, is returning from a training and working on developing an innovative BBQ Québec 4.0. These two passionate guys never cease to wow and surprise us. Needless to say, one thing always leads to another with them!

In the BBQ Québec family, there are always projects that we wish to develop, but sometimes, we need to be patient. Everything goes really really fast here, oh yes, but never fast enough for our founders. We have to be confident and put our trust in our partners, employees, collaborators… Although they all come with their own challenges, our business projects all carry meaning and account for a large part of our company’s culture. Among these projects, we are not hiding the fact that we are conjointly working on expanding in markets outside Quebec with our House of BBQ ExpertsTM brand, and that some of them are being developed more intensively than others.

With the on-going business growth, we’ve come to have full-time team members working on the exportation of our products in our sales, marketing and procurement departments. This is a really exciting step for us, especially if we think about the fact that this all started with a Quebec City’s South Shore little boy’s dream, who once was assembling BBQs in his parents’ hardware store! We continue pushing forward on the path we’ve cut out for ourselves, and keep being impressed when we look back and see just how much we’ve been able to achieve with our team. We’ve truly surrounded ourselves with amazing people!

We have always raised the bar, been seeking for the next best thing and for a higher peak to climb. Our team, filled with people we love very much and who are 100% committed always allowed us to fulfill this. Recently, we reached a new step: we welcomed a man who will contribute being in the field as our National Brand Ambassador.

It is then with much pride and trust in what’s to come that we present to you our friend who desires very much the opportunity to be part of the adventure and contribute to our big dream of “Changing the World Together, One BBQ at a time”: Mathieu Drouin! He will join us as Canadian Brand Ambassador, specifically for House of BBQ ExpertsTM. This guy is a solid figure in the BBQ community and is much appreciated. He’s the real deal. I’ve had the pleasure to chat quite a bit with him over the past few months and I am convinced that he will carry the torch incredibly well throughout Canada. If you have the opportunity to cross his path, you’ll realise for yourself that he fits perfectly with our brand.

Our episodes outside Quebec are just beginning, so if you are passionate about everything BBQ like us, stay tuned, we will tell you all about the multiple challenges and victories on our journey!

Thank you for following us! 😉