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Excellent Portable Grills

By: Max

Whether you’re planning a trip, going camping, or simply wanting to grill on your tiny balcony, here are the portable grills I recommend the most:

Weber Charcoal Grill Range

Similar models in this category include the Smokey Joe and the Jumbo Joe.

The Smokey Joe is the smaller version of the Jumbo Joe, but both are excellent appliances. With the Jumbo Joe, however, you get an 18-inch cooktop, the same size you’d get with a “regular” grill. You can even smoke food in there—it’s a truly amazing unit!

What I like about the Jumbo Joe is that the temperature is super easy to control, thanks to the intake vent located under the grill. There’s even a little plate between the unit’s “legs” that serves, yes, to catch ash, but also acts as a stabilizer. Wind, for example, matters less when it comes to where you position your appliance.

Another thing I like is the “bracket” you can lift over the grill handle to make sure everything stays in place during transit. (Speaking of which, as an aside, if you take it apart, it even fits underneath an airplane seat if you’re so inclined [oh yeah, I’ve tested it! 😂]. So, it really is a “portable” grill. 😜)

The Smokey Joe, on the other hand, with its 14-inch cooktop, is probably the best-selling Weber grill of all time—everyone in the U.S. has one. You can’t go wrong with either the small or the big model.

Otherwise, there’s another grill in this category—my personal favorite—the Go Anywhere.

Why do I love the Go Anywhere? Because it has a large cooktop, folding “legs”, and an air outlet on both the left AND the right sides (which, by the way, are easy to adjust). This last point is especially appealing because it allows you to turn it into a kind of “offset”. Just put the meat on one side and open the air hatch on the other, and you’ve got a nice flow of air through the unit. You can also open both vents if you need a lot of heat inside the grill. 👌

And, I’ve mentioned this before, but this is a grill that easily fits into a pack, too. So, if you want to go on an adventure, just stick this in your bag and you’re off to the races!

The Napoleon TravelQ PRO285

There are several kinds of TravelQ PRO285 grills: gas (propane and natural), electric, and those with or without carts.

The thing that many people love about these grills is that they have two burners. So, you can easily cook with both a direct and indirect cooking zone, even with this “small” appliance.

Other than that, the grates are cast iron, the bowl is cast aluminum (so it’s solid, and it won’t rust! 😎), and the burners are stainless steel. If you feel like cooking something different, that’s doable with this grill too, since you can take out one of the half grates and replace it with something else, like a plancha for example. And, the great thing about it is that you never have to worry about grease because there’s a grease pan at the bottom of the firebox (just make sure you empty it before folding up the grill cart to put it away it if you don’t want it to drip on the floor 😉)!

Those with limited space will appreciate the folding cart that comes with some models, as it allows you to store your unit vertically, without taking up too much space.

Otherwise, quick shout-out to the PHANTOM edition, too, though, which is an all-black limited edition. Apart from its distinctive matte black color, this grill also comes with a removable stainless steel warming rack and reversible cast-iron grates.

The Kamado Joe Junior

After releasing the “dad” and “mom” models, Kamado Joe has also released the “baby” model. 😜

Seriously, this compact Kamado Joe is just as powerful as the big ones. It weighs 68 pounds, though, so it’s not exactly a “portable” model (it’s more of a two-person job), but I wanted to include it.

Like the other Kamado Joe models, this one is made of ceramic (the same quality and thickness as the larger models) and has a stainless steel grate. It also features a ceramic support for indirect heat cooking, a cast-iron chimney system, a high-performance thermometer, and highly efficient air control.

If you’re running out of space at home but want a Kamado, I highly recommend this one.

The Pursuit 20 Camp Chef

Although larger, this pellet grill is actually portable, thanks to its folding cart, wheels and handle, which turn the grill into something like a suitcase.

With its 501 square inches of cooking space, you’re bound to be able to cook some pretty wicked feasts on this grill. In fact, you’ll even be able to smoke, since it go from 160 to 500°F.

For tailgates or nights in with friends, this is truly the perfect grill.

The Capt’n Cook from OvenPlus

I’ve shown you plenty, but if you ask me about my favorite portable grill of them all, I’d have to say it’s the Capt’n Cook. Why? Because with this unit, you’re getting two grills for the price of one!

In fact, it’s quite simple: you’ve got a pizza oven on top, and a salamander grill on the bottom. For cooking pizzas and steaks, among other things, this really is an incredible appliance. BUT! There’s way more. You can put a cast-iron pan on the pizza stone on top and cook paella, for example. You can use it to cook whatever you like, but I highly recommend putting your meal on the bottom rack for a few seconds if you have any cheese to melt. It’ll come out looking WOW. 👌

How the Capt’n Cook works, basically, is that it has a burner at the center of the grill, and because the heat rises, the pizza stone on top gets hot, and the bottom section gets the heat reflected back, which in turn heats up the grates, making them nice and hot. Honestly, everything gets hot pretty quickly.

Are you cooking something greasy? No problem, the fat runs under the grates, then falls into the hole, where there’s a grease drip pan. So, cleaning is super easy with this appliance as well.

This girll isn’t too big either, so it’s easy to bring along just about anywhere.

Even More Options

In addition to all the ones I’ve just mentioned, there are plenty of other portable grill models. I’m thinking of Weber’s colorful Q1200, Q2000… range of gas grills, Weber’s little Smokey Mountain, Hamrforge’s El Parrilla, and more.

If you’re not sure which grill to choose, feel free to reach out to our in-store representatives or on our social media platforms. One thing’s for sure, though: you’re going to have tons of fun with your machine if you buy it from House of BBQ Experts because we make sure to carry only the best equipment on the market! 😉

Happy grilling, everyone!