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Cook the best ribs with the Presto BBQ

Presto BBQ

When I was really young, ribs were far from my favourite dish. They often lacked taste and I was only really tasting the sauce. These ribs had been boiled. The taste of meat was not there. I didn’t know that the Presto BBQ would come into my life and change all of that. 

But in time ribs quickly became my favorite dish. Even today, it’s the thing that excites me the most about cooking. Ribs taste great but they’re very difficult to cook to perfection. By always looking for new cooking techniques, I discovered the Presto BBQ.

The Presto BBQ is an accessory designed to help you achieve the best spare ribs on any BBQ. Even on gas BBQs too.

It is a stainless steel rib rack that installs over an aluminum plate.

Basically, it allows you to smoke your ribs while keeping a very high humidity within the BBQ. They will be tender and juicy, and you’ll actually taste the meat since it won’t be boiled! 

In the box you’ll find four disposable pans for cooking. Also included is a custom-designed rack to hold the pans together on the grill as well as a second rack which acts as the Presto BBQ meat separator. Make great ribs the easy way!

A full rack of baby backs fits between each rung of the rack, and you can cook up to five full racks at a time.

Just pour your favorite beer at the bottom of the plate, then add chips of cherry wood, apple and/or hickory. Don’t forget to put your favorite dry marinade on the ribs. (I mix ribs with Kansas spices from House of BBQ Experts). 

Then place the spare ribs on the rack.

You should preheat a gas BBQ to 325 F, then put all the burners to minimum, before putting everything on the grill and closing the lid. Be sure to invite your friends while cooking, too! 

After 45 minutes, add a second plate, upside down, over the first plate containing the spare ribs. This will make an aluminum box. All you have to do is cook for an hour and 15 minutes, and your ribs will be ready. Brush them with your favorite sauce and grill for two minutes per side to caramelize the sauce. Better yet, you’ll get high quality ribs on your gas BBQ!

Charcoal lovers, don’t worry! You can use the Presto BBQ as a regular rib rack with the possibility of adding liquid to the bottom of the tank, collecting the cooking juices. You don’t have to add chips to the bottom of the plate since you can put them directly into the charcoal. As usual, your ribs will be perfect to smoke! 

Depending on the recipe you choose, the beer can also be replaced by wine, juice or even Dr. Pepper! The possibilities are limitless. 

The Presto BBQ is not only useful for just ribs. It will also be your best friend while cooking pork shoulders, briskets, chicken, and more.


Happy BBQ!


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