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Sink your teeth into this competition ribs recipe

competition ribs recipe

Did you know you don’t actually need to be a barbecue master to make real competition-level ribs? Yes, even you can cook up these amazing ribs. And if you’re already a skilled pitmaster? I’m confident my ribs recipe will satisfy even the best out there.

Remember: in a real competition, you need to wow the judges in a couple of bites. So your ribs needs to pack a big punch in flavor. This is a tricky balance to get, because ribs that are too spicy, sweet or salty won’t please anyone. The trick is to create rich, agreeable flavor without sacrificing balance.

So check out my competition ribs recipe, cook it up and tell me how it went.


Competition Ribs Recipe: Here’s what you need


(Please note that quantities depend on your taste)






House of BBQ Experts Kansas spice rub


Brown sugar


Maple syrup




A spicy sauce of your choice. We suggest House of BBQ Experts Funky Chili Sauce









– Remove the membrane at the back of the ribs.

– Put a little mustard (you can also use House of BBQ Experts Colonel Mustard) on the ribs, spices will better stuck to the meat, then put the dry marinade on the ribs.

– Marinate for two to four hours.

– Put ribs in the BBQ on indirect cooking at 225°F for 2 to 3 hours, depending on their size.

– Remove the meat from BBQ, and put it in foil.

– Dress with brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, spicy sauce, butter and whiskey.

– Close the foil, then put it back on the BBQ for indirect cooking, still at a temperature of 225°F, for 2 hours.

– Remove ribs from foil then grill over low heat for about 20 minutes, turning them over, to make sure they do not burn. While cooking the ribs, it is also very important to brush them with your favorite BBQ sauce until they are well caramelized, and well sauced! We also suggest House of BBQ Experts Maple Bourbon Sauce




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