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Chef Stefan Jacob’s bacon wrapped cheeseburger recipe

bacon wrapped cheeseburger

Are you looking for an extraordinary recipe to impress friends this weekend? Do you want to renew your love with autumn? Well look no further: all you need is this bacon wrapped cheeseburger recipe.

If you like cheeseburgers – I mean, beautiful, perfect, glistening bacon cheeseburgers, then wait until you create what we’ve got served up for you. The product will be unreal and the experience of making it will be just as fun. It comes to you courtesy of our friend, Chef Stefan Jacob. We gaurantee it: this bacon wrapped cheeseburger will be one of the best burgers you’ll ever have.

And don’t even ask me if it tastes good. This burger won the “Public’s Choice” award at the 2016 Burger Week in Montreal, Quebec!





 – Angus AAA Beef Patty (Add your spice mix and rub of choice)

– Pretzel Bread with tasty garnish (your sauces of choice and/or Ketchup, Mustard, relish, pickle, onions)

– Cheddar cheese

– 7 to 8 slices of uncooked bacon

– Oka cheese or another cheese to melt and drizzle on the burger

– Toothpick




– Cook your beef burger on the BBQ until it’s about 3/4 cooked. 

– Make up the burger with the pretzel bun, toppings and condiments of your choice, and obviously the cheese too. 

– Lay down that bacon by crossing the slices in order to make a circle

– Now coat the entire burger (bun and all) with the raw bacon slices

– Insert toothpicks into the burger to prevent the bacon from falling off

– Place the bacon-covered burger in a cast iron pan or on an aluminum plate

-Make that burger sizzle until the bacon is completely cooked and crisp

– Melt the Oka cheese to pour on your burger right before serving


Enjoy your meal! 


Photo credit : [email protected]


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