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Camping essentials (accessories, food products, and grills)

Oh yeah. The moment you were waiting for has finally arrived: you’re going camping! 🙌

And, because camping and barbecue go together, we made a list of must-haves to bring for your outing. 😎

Here are some of our essentials:


To ignite fires rapidly and easily

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Fire Starters

We sell two kinds of fire starters at House of BBQ Experts, the “regular” ones, made of sawdust and wax, and those made of wood wool.

Both are easy to use: you only need a match or a lighter; no starting wood or paper is necessary. Simply place your fire starter under pieces of wood or charcoal, light it up, and, after a couple of seconds, you will be able to enjoy a fire.

What’s specific about the wood wool fire starters, though, is that they are water-resistant. If it rains, you’ll then still be able to enjoy a fire and cook your food. A good info to take into consideration if the weather forecast for your trip isn’t all that sunny.

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Electromax

This lighter will be the last one you’ll buy in your life. Indeed, it is electric, which means that it recharges itself while being plugged into a socket through a USB cable. (It also has an “on/off” button on the side to ensure safe storage.)

Its head is flexible as well, so you’ll be able to position it how you want to light up your fuel.

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Foldable Chimney & Portable Grill

This accessory fits into the “light up fires” category, because it turns charcoal red and ready to use (you only need to transfer it into your grill afterwards), but also into the “portable grill” category because it can, indeed, act as a grill.

This means that you can use this chimney as a “normal” one, by keeping the charcoal inside the chimney, but that you also have the possibility of adding the grid (included with the chimney) on top of it to sear ailments and transform the chimney into a grill. (When you want to travel light, this is an excellent solution; especially since it’s foldable, so it doesn’t require much space. 😉) It’s the best of both worlds!


To give food more taste

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Cake seasoning

Everyone that has a sweet tooth will be pleased to add a hint of this seasoning to what they’re eating. Whether you’re searing pineapple slices, salmon cubes, or, even, warming up marshmallows, this seasoning pairs itself beautifully with everything.

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Texas dry marinade

We all use salt and pepper on everything. Well, now, you won’t have to bring two seasonings, but only one, because this dry marinade is the equivalent of a luxury salt and pepper, and everything is already dosed to perfection, in one container. Indeed, in addition to containing salt and pepper, this dry marinade also has garlic and onion. It goes marvelously with everything: beef, chicken, pork, and fish. It’s seriously a must-have in your traveling bag. 😎

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ X Monette Outdoors dry marinade collection

Fishermen and hunters deserve to use what’s best to season their catch and pay them homage. These dry marinades (Yukon, Dawn, Appalachians, 49th parallel, and Western), created in collaboration with Stéphane Monette, a pioneer in the field of hunting, will give your fish and meat the glory they’re worthy of.

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Colonel Mustard and Ketchot sauce

Hot-dogs and burgers are amongst the most typical meals that people cook while camping. And, of course, mustard and ketchup both go with these meals, so it is only normal to include these condiments. However, watch out, the Colonel Mustard sauce and the Ketchot sauce are both different from traditional mustard and ketchup; they’re even better! 😉

The Colonel Mustard sauce will allow you to cook classic BBQ meals inspired by South Carolina, and the Ketchot sauce will give them a spicy kick that will delight everyone’s taste buds. Mmm!


To have lots of fun while cooking

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Twist-O-Max

Traditional hot-dogs are a thing of the past!!! With the Twist-O-Max, your hot-dogs’ sausages will have a spiral shape, which will not only increase the size of your sausages but also give them a larger contact area with your grill’s grid, which will make them crunchier and give them a nice caramelized look.

Children will also have a lot of fun using the Twist-O-Max and a big smile when seeing a new kind of sausage on their plate. 😜

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Stuffer

Burgers can be “pimped” as well! With this accessory, you can stuff your patties with what you want: cheese curds, caramelized onions, mushrooms… Everyone will enjoy tasting the new mix of flavors you’ll have prepared. 😊

The Stuffer is another accessory that allows children to do their part while you cook. And, wow, what a surprise everyone will have when seeing the stuffing inside the patty! 😁

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Vortex

This reversible ring is your best ally to perfectly cook meat and save on charcoal.

Thanks to it, the heat inside your grill will stay constant and the ailments will cook uniformly. Steaks and chicken wings, notably, will be absolutely delicious. 😋

  • The House of BBQ Experts’ Ring of Skewers

Making sure that everyone does their part while you cook and like what they eat is easy with the Ring of Skewers! Yes, everyone will be able to insert their favorite food into the skewers and, even, rotate them as the food cooks so that it comes out just how they like it. Simple and effective. 👌

  • The All-in-1

This accessory as well can be part of multiple categories, but we placed it here because it is, in its simplest form, an accessory.

An All-in-1 is a ring that you place on top of a kettle in order to transform your machine into a smoker, a pizza oven, a rotisserie, or else (yes, it’s pretty incredible! 😜). What’s interesting about this accessory while camping is that you don’t even need a grill to use it. You can place it directly over a fire and use its grids to cook food, or even, use it as your fire pit! 🔥


To cook like a king or a queen

  • Napoleon’s Travel Q

This portable grill exists with and without a cart. The major aspect of this gas grill, however, lies in the fact that it possesses two burners. You’ll then be able to cook over direct and indirect heat.

  • Weber’s Go Anywhere

If you want to work with a portable charcoal grill, this one is an excellent choice (it’s even Max’s favorite!). It doesn’t take much space (it can, literally, fit inside a backpack), but don’t be mistaken by its size, as it can cook up to six burgers at a time. Its lid with a handle also allows for safer cooking sessions.

  • Camp Chef’s Pursuit 20

Despite its size being more imposing than the one of regular portable grills, the Pursuit 20 is indeed portable. Yes, its legs are foldable and allow you to transport it as if it was a wheeled suitcase.

Fueled by pellets, this grill will cook your food without you even having to be around thanks to its WiFi connectivity which makes cooking data accessible directly through your phone.

  • Fuels

Of course, whatever grill you choose to use, don’t forget to fill up in fuel before you leave. At House of BBQ Experts, we have a large selection of chunks of wood, wood chips, and pellets.


A final word

We hope that our suggestions will allow you to spend memorable moments outdoors with your friends and/or family. 😁

Have a great camping experience and… happy grilling! 🔥