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Blaze Grills: Everyday BBQs made extremely well

Blaze grills

At House of BBQ Experts we work with several grill models, including the biggest, most renowned brands on the market. But the beauty of BBQ is that several brands are creating extremely reliable, well-functioning machines that last the pitmaster for years. That’s why I want to tell you about Blaze outdoor grills, which combines good engineering with an everyday grill concept.


Blaze barbecues are designed for grill lovers who want to avoid changing appliances every five years. They are made entirely of 304 and 443 stainless steel. Both are the best stainless steel grades on the market. They are also made of stainless cast iron burners, which are by far the most durable and efficient. They can reach a temperature of 1000°F and will not break or crack. That’s why Blaze Grills offers the best warranty available – a lifetime warranty on almost all of its components.


Under the hood


Blaze grills


Between each burner are separators, allowing the griller to create specifically isolated heat zones. The barbecue can be very hot on one side for direct cooking, and warm on the other, for indirect cooking. Another advantage is in the baffles, since very thick and perforated stainless steel make up these plates. These plates are designed to distribute the heat in the barbecue and provide a uniform vaporization while reducing the possibility of flame returns during cooking. The grids are also made of stainless steel; they will not oxidize and will never break.


The lid consists of a lined wall, which prevents any change of colour of the stainless on the outside of the device and it will not become hot because of its thickness.


In addition, it is possible to interchange each burner for a ceramic infrared burner. This is in order to grasp the meat better. These burners can reach a temperature of over 2000 F in less than a minute. Now that is powerful!


The barbecues are available with or without a trolley. Blaze also offers several accessories such as doors, drawers, a side burner, a fridge, and more.


More from Blaze



They also offer a Blaze kamado grill along with all their blaze grills accessories!


Maybe the best part of Blaze Grills is the experience that the founders possess. The founding team has a combined 45 years of experience in the industry, and they’ve used the experience to develop, test and make their BBQs fantastic.


I like to call Blaze grills “a professional quality BBQ that the BBQ world has been waiting for, for years.”


Blaze grills


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