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The best Beef Bourguignon recipe!

Beef Bourguignon

Since my earliest childhood, good times spent with my loved ones was synonymous with the idea of ​​eating a good beef bourguignon on a Sunday evening with the family. There was always an intoxicating smell in the house and, within no time, full bellies all around!

This dish is also sometimes called Beef Burgundy.

My mother always served her famous recipe with a generous portion of mashed potatoes. Over the years, I developed a curiosity for different alternatives to this classic french dish. I also needed a good reason to justify all the unfinished bottles of red wine that I keep for recipes!

This Beef Bourguignon recipe will work whether its served with egg noodles or with game meats such as moose or deer. I love cooking this dish every time, especially on the grill!


Ingredients – Beef Bourguignon


  • 2 to 3 pounds of cubed beef. The cubes should be about 1 cubic inch at most. The cubes normally come from the shoulder but a cube roast also works. The same amounts of game meat can be used, but add 2 tsp of butter tea to the recipe to add a little delicious fat ; )
  • 2 c. Flour soup to coat the cubes
  • 2 c. Olive oil soup
  • 1 large carrot (or 2 smaller) coarsely chopped for good bites
  • 1 large celery stalk, cut in the same way
  • 1 finely chopped onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic passed through the press (or chopped as small as possible)
  • 2 cups of red wine
  • 2 to 3 cups beef broth (depending on the depth of your baking dish – to cover evenly spread ingredients
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 C. House of BBQ Experts Montreal spice rub
  • A container of 227 grams of white mushrooms, cut into thick slices
  • 1 C. House of BBQ Experts Argentina spice rub




I like to use my propane bbq for this recipe because the direct and indirect heat zones are easier for me to manage for slower cooking.

Here’s how to make a beef bourguignon on the BBQ:


  1. Heat the oil on the BBQ’s direct heat zone to 450/500 degrees in a ceramic baking dish.
  2. Then lightly brown the beef cubes.
  3. Add the Montreal spice rub to coat the cubes and push to the side.
  4. Brown the onions and garlic and then add the wine to deglaze the bottom of the pot.
  5. Then add the vegetables, the broth and the Argentina spice rub.
  6. Move the pot over indirect heat to about 325 degrees, put the lid on and simmer for 50 minutes or until the carrots are cooked.


Around mid-cooking, I stir everything and insert a toothpick under the cover to let the steam come out, which will thicken the sauce. I also cut some sweet potatoes cut in half and coat them with olive oil and Steven Raichlen Fennel Pepper rub. Then I place those sweet potatoes on a House of BBQ Experts Veggie Rack.

When the potatoes are cooked and the carrots are tender, everything will be ready to be tasted with a good crusty bread.

Another bottle of red wine must accompany this dish of course and if there were to remain a glass or two after the meal, I could reserve it for my next Burgundy! 😉

Enjoy your meal !

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