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BBQ with the sea

By Alex Turcotte


As a real carnivore : BBQ quickly became an important part of my life. So I started to use my creativity on the grill and try new recipes and new meat I wasn’t use to cook.

Being in love with the Portuguese gastronomy and seafood, I challenged myself to cook the best octopus ever. Why Octopus? Because it’s easy to prepare, simple and has an amazing taste when well cooked. I decided to share this very simple recipe that will be unanimous, even with that skeptical guy in your group of friends, you know that one, the one saying he “does not like raw meat’’ without even tasting it.

First step is to make a short broth. Here is a variation of a classic broth : but of course, you can do it the way you like. The short broth is used to poach the octopus. It can also be used with many fishes and shellfish.

Before plunging the octopus, make sure to remove the mouth between the tentacles and the head to only keep the good flesh. Then, dip the octopus three times in the broth, removing it for a few seconds in between. This step will prevent the octopus from having a rubbery taste. The goal is to get to the point just before boiling. You can then dive it into the broth for about 1 hour 15 minutes or until a knife penetrates the flesh.

Next step is where the fun begins. Light your favorite grill. I personally use a charcoal BBQ for this recipe. Heat your Himalayan salt block. Once it’s hot enough, you can season the octopus with some Ocean BBQ Quebec spices and grill it on the block for about ten minutes, turning it regularly. Flambé the octopus with your favorite liquor. Personally, I really like some brown rum for this recipe. Before removing from the heat, squeeze the juice of a lemon previously grilled, which will add an additional kick to the already succulent taste of your octopus.

As a side dish, take a skillet of cast iron or a griddle and put some apples, mangos and add some honey. You can also make it as a flambé.

This fresh recipe will make you feel as great as Don Cherry’s shirts. After all, all you have to do is enjoy and start over again next week because it was just too good!

PS : It is also possible that your skeptical friend will also be back for dinner next week.



Short broth

2 L of water

2 L of natural apple juice

500 ml of dark beer

1 onion, cut into wedges

2 lemons cut into chunks

Generous serving of salt and pepper


How to cook the octupus on the grill

1 Himalayan salt block

1 Tbsp of Ocean BBQ Québec rub

Lemon juice

Spiced rum



1 or 2 fresh mango

1 or 2 green apples



A trickle of olive oil


Salt and pepper

Spiced rum for the flambé