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House of BBQ Experts Shareable Poutine recipe!

BBQ poutine

What’s better than a poutine? A poutine made on the barbecue the House of BBQ Experts way! This shareable BBQ poutine recipe is quick, easy and delicious. It doesn’t take too many ingredients and all your family and friends will want more and more of it. Enjoy!


  • 8 large yellow potatoes
  • A dash of avocado oil
  • 400 ml store-bought Poutine sauce
  • 340 g of cheese curds (or more!)
  • 15 bacon slices
  • Pulled chicken (in my case, leftover chicken from beer can)
  • House of BBQ Experts California spice rub
  • House of BBQ Experts Maple Bourbon sauce



1- Cut the potatoes into large quarters and place them in a large bowl. Coat them with the California spice rub, avocado oil and spices.
2- Then cut the bacon slices in half and roll the bacon around the potato wedges. (There will be about half of the potatoes that will be stuck to the bacon).
3- Cook the potatoes in the barbecue in indirect cooking at 400°F until they are fully cooked and the bacon is crisp.
4- Once cooked, place all the potatoes in the bottom of a pan (which resists barbecue) and add the cheese, poutine sauce and the shredded chicken.
5- Put everything in the indirect cooking zone for a few minutes, time to let everything warm up.
6- Add the Maple Bourbon sauce once your poutine is ready to be tasted!

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