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Barbecue, Paintball and the perfect shot

Barbecue and paintball

We had many memorable days during our trip to Hawaii. However, one particular day of barbecue and paintball comes to my mind when I talk about our trip. It was the day we spent battling it out in paintball on a US Army base.

The day started perfectly with a breakfast on the barbecue, obviously! My story could have ended there and it would have been the story of a perfect day. But we’ve pushed the limits a little bit.

We arrived at the paintball field after an hour of driving through nearly the entire island of Oahu. We had seven warriors “more or less” experienced on our team. Our confidence was good because J-P, one of our founding brothers, had done paintball competitions in the past. We were ready to fight our enemies!


The battle commences


As the fight started, Max, J-P’s brother, and one of the company’s founders, came dressed as Rambo. From our point of view, he was kinda like the Hunger Games character who grabs the all the attention, getting eliminated quickly. The wild card of our battalion was Ariane, the CEO of House of BBQ Experts. She said she had done paintball once but we all felt she has come to please us.

The game finally started and we were doing great. Two of our men gave up at the beginning of the game pretending to be injured. Max got shot in the back by our enemies, which is what I had predicted. J-P and I were blaming the moisture that was fogging our mask and blurring our vision. Perhaps eating eggs, bacon and sausage before paintball wasn’t the wisest choice… but it’s just a theory. Ariane, meanwhile, crawled on the ground and took out her opponents one by one.


Stumbling out of the gate


Time was running out and the ending of our fight finally came. Before leaving the field, we decided to make teams of two to use all the paintballs we had left. Ariane teamed up with J-P while I went with Max.

From the start, J-P attacked Max and me as if we were raw ribs of beef. The whole barbecue and paintball thing was really coming to life.

Caught unprepared, Max and I had to hide behind a barricade to fight back. The shrapnel was whistling by us from all sides and we were starting to feel like we in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.

Fortunately, we finally heard J-P swear, leading us to believe that we had eliminated him. We were about to continue fighting when Max screamed and a sharp pain pinched my shoulder blade.

We immediately complained that it was cheating, going full alpha-male. Yes… Ariane, out of nowhere, took the opportunity to shoot us both at close range. Just as in the office, it was clear who the boss was.

As loud as our complaints were, nothing could bury the powerful laughter and primitive dance that Ariane served us. To add to our humiliation, the crowd watching howled in laughter at us.


Paintball is like life!


Funnily enough, this paintball game reflected BBQ culture. Some guys treat BBQ as though it’s a competitive game, like paintball. When a girl tries to join the group, she might be underestimated.

That said, if we let our girlfriends take more control of the grill, we’ll win more. Once they feel the joy of the flame, fire and smoke, it becomes a team sport!

Ladies, take your spot around the BBQ. We may be lightly teasing you at first, but at the end of the day we’re happy to have you on our team.

PS: For those who think we’re exaggerating, there is a video of Ariane dancing her glorious victory thanks to the GoPro on the barrel of her rifle!

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