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Arteflame grills: Luxury and power in one BBQ

Arteflame grills

Some are already familiar with Arteflame grills. These beautiful grills combine art, form and function – exhibiting timeless style and refined taste. The Arteflame family of products is proudly designed and crafted in the heart of the American Midwest using only US steel.


The reason why people love them is simple. Their size and their circular shape make them the most convivial grill on the market. As well, they serve as a fireplace by thwarting typical municipal by-laws against outdoor fires.


Now here’s the thing. You take one look at the Arteflame and you might think, wow, it’s probably out of my price range. Well known for its large grill, many are surprised to know that Arteflame is actually within reach of all budgets.


Anyone can have an Arteflame? What?!


To enjoy the pleasure of the plancha, you don’t need a big back yard or a complete Arteflame. You only need a good old 22″ or 26″ Kettle grill. All you need is to get an Arteflame plancha and put it on the kettle.

So we have prepared a list of the best five things about the Arteflame plancha.


1) Breakfast on the grill:


A plancha is a cooking surface. If you haven’t already looked at your grill and said, “Yeah, that would make good breakfasts!”

The plancha is ideal for cooking bacon, eggs, French toast, breakfast sausage and all that is good when you get up in the morning. Imagine on a Saturday morning, the weather is nice, and you start to smell the coffee that mixes with the smell of BBQ. If this idea does not make you smile, there’s something seriously wrong.


2) The least effort law:


Another very interesting aspect of the plancha is that you can have your friends and family over without having to worry about making food. Prepare your meats and vegetables and let your guests take care of cooking. Strangely, you will have done almost nothing and then others will praise you for how awesome your meal was. It’s perfect for lovers of the Least Effort Law. 


3) The joys of camping at home:


I mentioned it earlier and I’ll say it again. IT BECOMES A FIREPLACE.

Dinner is over, you’re having a glass of wine or beer, and there’s small embers at the bottom of the BBQ. Just put a log or two in the center, blow on the embers or blow some air with a chimney starter, and you have a campfire!

Take out the marshmallows, the guitar and all the best hits from the 90s! 


4) Arteflame grills: They bring us together


The plancha allows us to gather around the fire. It is a much more fun version of Chinese fondue and no meat will be boiled in the process. No one will end up with chopsticks mixing in the bottom of the bowl and no one will lose food. 


5) Reignite your love for fruit: 


I rediscovered fruit with my plancha. Pineapple, oranges or grilled apples with a little bit of cinnamon and brown sugar served with vanilla ice cream. I get hungry just thinking about it. Even better, you can grill the fruits that you put in your cocktails to elevate your mixology to another level.

If you haven’t discovered the pleasures of the plancha, I strongly suggest you put it on your summer agenda. And with Arteflame grills, you can definitely do that. 


Have a good BBQ!

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