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Amazing Gloves

When you’re grilling, you have many hot things to handle. It’s important to be equipped to handle, for example, a hot pot, and especially not to drop it.

To make sure you can work easily and safely, we decided to create the Protect-O-Max Insulated Grill Gloves. 🎉

As the name suggests, these gloves are made to protect you to the max. They’re designed to withstand high temperatures—up to 450°F to be exact. Taking your cast-iron skillet or griddle from your hot grill or stirring your hot coals in your fireplace with a poker will be no problem when you wear these gloves. Can’t find your trivet? These gloves will do the trick! 😜 Plus, they’re thick, so your palms and fingers never come into direct contact with hot surfaces 😉

Another interesting feature is that these gloves have separate fingers. So, whether you’re picking up a cooking utensil, delicate food, a toothpick or anything else, they’re really convenient and effective. Moreover, dexterity is further enhanced by a nice non-slip design on the inside of the gloves. This means you’ll be able to keep your hot pot, your egg, your pair of tongs or any other object in your hand with no difficulty. (Side note: If you take them outside in the winter, you’ll have no problem winning a snowball fight because thanks to this feature! 😜 And your hands won’t even get cold! 😎)

Because these gloves are made of aramid fiber (Kevlar), they’re also super resistant—not only to heat but also to abrasions, tears and cuts. If you ever work with glass or sharp objects, then wearing these gloves is a great way to avoid cuts and nicks. Chopping vegetables or grating cheese, for example, will never scare you again! Especially since these gloves also cover your wrists, so your hands will really be completely protected.

The great thing about these gloves is that you don’t have to try them on to know whether they fit. That’s right—they only come in one size. No need to deal with sizing headaches or doubts about whether they fit—they definitely do. 😉 And gifting them to someone else couldn’t be any easier. Everyone wins with these. 👌

To wrap up, these one-size-fits-all gloves are just what you need to complete your “pitmaster” ensemble for several reasons: their high protection (both temperature and blade protection); their usefulness (their great dexterity allows you to do whatever you want); their design (with the House of BBQ Experts flame in the center of your palms, you’ll clearly make everyone jealous 😉 -and how much do you want to bet that you’ll be able to find them easily in the dark thanks to the orange color? 😜-); their non-slip side; and their sheer simplicity (one size, no question!). They’re even so effective and comfortable that you probably won’t want to replace them with mittens in the winter, and we get it. 😉

Happy grilling, everyone! 🔥