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Discover all the possibilities of the famous All-in-1

As a founder here at House of BBQ Experts, I’ve always liked what’s new. I like what is innovative and also (and above all) what will appeal to both our Canadian and American customers. It’s for all these reasons that the ultimate barbecue accessory, the legendary All-in-1 is one of my absolute favorites.

So much so that since the first time I used it, I’ve sent one to the heavens for my possible arrival in paradise! (This is love)!

I began noticing that many of our customers have seen it and know its name, but few of them actually know how useful and versatile it can be.

Let’s start with the basics. The All-In-1 set is the ideal accessory for your charcoal kettle BBQ. Did you know that the kettle has been around since 1952? It’s one of the best selling types of barbecue in the world. It’s estimated that hundreds of millions of units have sold around the world for almost 70 years.


The All-in-1: Entering into a new vortex of BBQ excellence


So, for those who have this barbecue, know that the 304 stainless steel ring allows you to transform your Kettle BBQ into a smoker, a pizza oven and a tandoori (tandoori oven). It supports all models of rotisserie, gives you more cooking space, allows you to bake in the Asado way and even make homemade breads. In addition, it is easily transported to a campsite where you just have to place it directly on your wood fire. The All-In-1 is available in 2 sizes, 22” and 26”, to allow all Kettle BBQ enthusiasts to maximize the use of their BBQ.

This barbecue accessory was invented by a BBQ gadget guy in Quebec City, Canada. By combining all these ways of cooking in a single accessory, the All-in-1 has become the “iPhone of BBQing”. The big advantage is that you don’t need to buy another barbecue to try all these different ways of cooking!

It is so useful and efficient that it even won the award for the best bbq accessory in 2019. This came at the Vesta Awards in Dallas, Texas, ranked against innovations from all over the world!

Now I would like to show you … can do with the All-in-1. All you have to do is let your creativity go.

Your All-in-1 will follow you everywhere! It will of course have its main residence on your patio, but it is the first one that you will choose during a family camping weekend, in a tailgate party with the office gang or a fishing trip with your friends. Childhood!

Explore the All-in-1 22″


Explore the All-in-1 26″




The All-in-1 is a must for its simple way to create a professional pizza oven with an affordable BBQ. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to this accessory, you can make a homemade pizza worthy of the biggest Italian restaurants. The door will allow you to insert the pizza and feel like a real classic pizza maker. You’ll be able to look after the cooking while avoiding losing too much heat inside the BBQ, as you normally would when lifting lid.

Given that pizza is one of the most popular dishes in North America, I imagine that you will be happy to learn that you can be the pizza king in your neighbourhood while not having to invest thousands of dollars in a masonry pizza oven. That’s tough on anyone’s budget!


Chicken or vegetables on rotisserie


One of the main value-adds of a BBQ is the possibility of roasting food directly over the embers, using a rotisserie. The All-in-1 has a universal attachment on it where you can attach any rotisserie motor. From there you can make famous roast chickens and use accessories such as a basket for wings or veggies. Or you can use a kit to make kebabs, or simply hang hooks on the rod of the rotisserie and hang a cauliflower or slices of beef to make jerky.


In addition to the pizza, you can use rotisserie inside your all-in-1 to cook delicious chicken on the spit or other meat.

Tandoori chicken and naan bread


Another less known use of the All-in-1, and which is quite original, is to prepare tandoori chicken and its naan bread with the greatest respect for tradition. You just have to prick your chicken on a stainless steel skewer kit and hang it on your rotisserie. You can even prick the end of the skewer directly in the coals. Since the all-in-1 is made of stainless steel, it reflects the heat and therefore keeps it inside the naan bread. After having adequately brushed the inside of the All-in-1, just put your naan bread dough directly in. Be careful, because the bread will come off hot when it’s cooked!


Cold smoking


The All-in-1 also allows you to cold smoke cold with the help of the Smoker Box. The All-in-1 will simply create more space between the grill and the lid than in a usual kettle BBQ, which will allow you to maintain a lower temperature. This is mandatory when cold smoking. In addition, you can cook larger amounts of meat and fish with the additional grill for your All-in-1.


Hot smoking


You can also do regular smoking by placing your wood through your charcoal and inserting a ceramic plate on the lowest grill of your kettle BBQ. With the All-in-1 and the additional grid, you get to keep a large cooking surface. Pretty great, right?




True fire enthusiasts will love the All-in-1. Instead of rigging something over your campfire, you will only have to position your All-in-1 over the fire pit and let your creativity go! You’ll get to enhance the culinary level of those cozy camping nights!


Extender of space and possibilities


One last interesting thing with the All-in-1. You can get the stainless steel heat diffuser. You place this below the first grill of the kettle BBQ so you don’t lose the cooking surface of the first grill. Thus, you greatly increase the amount of meat that you can cook at the same time.


Happy BBQ!


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