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A Board for More Than Just Chopping

One of the most essential kitchen items to have in any household is a cutting board. And since we want to help you enjoy the best food on earth every day—that is, food cooked on the grill—we had to give you this essential tool.

Max and JP collaborated to bring you one that would exceed your expectations. (You may be thinking, “Oh, come on. A cutting board can’t be that groundbreaking.” That’s true. However, we made sure it was really on point. 😉)


First of all, just by looking at our cutting board, you’ll notice how it’s a nice black color with an iconic flame in the lower left corner. Max and JP are big fans of all things black, so they went with that. By the way, it gives the board a clean, modern look.

The black also means that the board goes well with all cooking tools and has a timeless look. Not to mention, it also makes it hard to see grime and stains. 😎

Another noticeable feature this board has is its groove. We know that, when chopping, meat, vegetables and fruit tend to be particularly juicy. So, we thought of incorporating a groove all the way around the board to prevent juice, blood or fat from dripping onto your counter and getting it dirty.


In an effort to let you cook without stressing about things like oiling or washing, we had our cutting board made from antibacterial, nonporous wood fiber. No need to oil it before use, and no need to scrub it by hand for hours—it’s dishwasher safe. (Still, run it under a little water first to help out your appliance. 😉)

Aside from that, the material also allows it to withstand high temperatures (up to 350°F), so if you drop your steak straight from the grill on it, it won’t get damaged. 😊 (That’s to say, you can even use it as a trivet! 😉 ) It’s a great, nice board that can last you a long time! (It’s also worth mentioning that this board is 9 mm thick, so in terms of strength and durability, it’s really top-notch. 😎)

Lastly, this board is also reversible, so if you want to use it as a serving dish without letting people see the groove, you can do that too. 👌

To Sum Up

On a final note, our cutting board is awesome because it’s sleek, reversible, heat-resistant, hard to get dirty, easy to maintain, and designed to keep things mess free.

Whether you need a cutting board, something to carry your food, rest it or serve it, this one is just waiting to be used. More specifically, you can season your meat on the ungrooved side, carry it to the grill, then when the meat is ready, transfer it to the grooved side of the board and let it rest for a minute before slicing. Simple and effective.

Are you sold on it yet? It’s now available in our stores and on our website.

Happy grilling!