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5 Reasons Why A Smoker Will Change Your Life


While for some, owning a grill only means cooking a steak once a month, you’re one of those people who knows better. You know that investing in a smoker will change your life. You’re intuitive and know you want a smoker, but maybe you’re having trouble grasping why and how it will change your life.

Here’s a guide that outlines everything that will change or improve with your smoker.

You get to spend more time at home

Cooking is an escape that makes us feel good. When you do it on your dream smoker, everything becomes clear. This is where you want to spend most of your time. While you used to be passionate about “playing baseball” (admit it, it was mostly about hanging out with your friends), you’ll now want to stay home and play with your machine. It’s the best of both worlds! You get to spend time with your family while practicing your pitmaster skills on your smoker.

If you have children or a large yard to tend to, you may feel that you don’t have all that much time to play with your new toy. Many smokers are self-regulating, stable and reliable, so you don’t have to stay close all the time and can get on with your other activities.

Basically, you’ll be the king of your family, your yard, your friends and the grill, all at the same time!

Reaching a whole new pitmaster level

Over the past few years you’ve tried a few recipes here and there, but mostly you’ve talked about what you’d like to do with a smoker but could never do it with your propane barbecue. With a good smoker, you can do anything you want!

From osso bucco to smoked salmon to pork shoulder to jerky, there’s no limit to what you can do. In addition to trying new recipes, you’ll also have a wide range of wood choices for smoking, which will raise the bar even higher. With time, you’ll find what you like, for example your whole chicken smoked with half cherry wood and half apple wood.

You may even start competing against the best Pitmasters. You’ll be up to speed with the knowledge you’ve gained from a smoker: you’ll have learned to master the fire!

Eating healthier

You’re probably thinking: how will buying a smoker make me eat healthier? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine how many times you’ve been on the road or returning from a friend’s house or work and the urge to eat junk food strikes. Now, repeat the exercise, but imagine that you have your smoker waiting for you at home, where you can quickly prepare a tender, delicious, juicy and tasty dinner. We swear, having experienced it, the urge to eat out will dramatically subside!

Now, we’re talking about junk food, but the same goes for all meats, side dishes or pre-made meals. These are often much saltier, much fattier and contain a lot of preservatives. By cooking on your smoker at home, you and your family will eat healthier.

Less maintenance required

Investing in a quality smoker is smart for several reasons. One is that a quality smoker requires less maintenance than other types of grills.

For example, small, generic smokers that you can buy for about $100 rust quickly and require a lot of maintenance. Larger smokers, like the Hamrforge, are 10 times thicker than entry-level smokers. They’re built tough and made of durable, high-quality parts. So good, in fact, that it’s not uncommon for us to see a father and son come into the store together and the father mentions that he’s had his smoker for a number of years and now it’s time for his son to get his own when he leaves home!

Lastly, the most important thing is that you don’t have to put them away in the winter. You can use them all year round without worrying about the weather.

Make money from your passion

Buying a smoker will undoubtedly change your life. It’s an investment that will not only provide hours and hours of fun but could also make you money.

In fact, after a few months of use, many of our customers find that they cook so much they don’t know what to do with all their food. After having become the best friend of all the neighbors by providing them with good food every week, you’ll be known as the grill hero in your area! New pitmasters will probably decide to make their passion profitable and share their smoking experience with others. This kind of sharing will inspire others, who will in turn want to equip themselves with such a powerful machine.

They’ll be thrilled to sample and purchase tasty, quality meat and you’ll be cooking while making money.

Now you know the top five ways a smoker will change your life.

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