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2021: we are ready!

2021: we are ready

What a year 2020 was!

Although it had its ups and downs, I am happy to say that your ongoing support (and your love for everything BBQ, of course) kept us going strong. And now, we are more energized than ever to tackle 2021!

In fact, 2021 already looks promising. Our retail operations just reopened after the second lockdown, we have big plans already in the works (which I can’t tell you anything about yet, but let’s just say that House of BBQ Experts will be fully visible throughout Canada this summer ;)), and I was even approached by the team at Grocery Business to discuss the business and how the industry is doing (check out the link below to see what I had to say).

Of course, we’re not stopping here. There are plenty of new items that will be coming out this year. People will discover our products (old and new alike) in various markets, such as grocery stores*, convenience stores, renovation centres, butcher shops, and BBQ specialty retail locations or through publications. And this always excites us!

As I like to say, the House of BBQ Experts’ goal is to change the world, one BBQ at a time. So it’s always a pleasure to talk BBQ with people and to help them step up their game. One of the things that makes House of BBQ Experts what it is is the fact that all our products are developed in house, by experts. We always aim for the highest product quality possible. We are more than “just” a company that sells BBQs and accessories, we are all about the lifestyle—the pleasure—that goes along with it. For us, there is no limit to how much you can enjoy barbecuing (or simply eating barbecued food ;)).

Another thing that makes us who we are is that we stay true to our roots. Our company takes pride in offering Canadian-made products to Canadians. For example, our House of BBQ Experts marinades and sauces bear the “Made in Canada” mention, just like some of the accessories we sell, such as the All-in-1. And well… this is something that we don’t mind having more of every year (cue the Ô Canada song).

To wrap it up, what I want to say is: 2021, come at us with all of your flavors. No matter what they are, we are ready for it and we will have fun cooking something up with what you throw at us! There is no stopping us now, this is only the beginning of a great story!

Let’s keep the flame going,

Max Lavoie

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*Sobeys Québec where our food products (St. Louis Ribs; whole Chicken Wings; and cheddar & bacon stuffed Turkey Burgers) are exclusively offered.

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