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10 Useful Tips for Winter Barbecue

Summer only lasts a few months, but that doesn’t mean the BBQ can only be used during the warm season ! Here are 10 tips for grilling food on the barbecue during cold (and sometimes snowy !) winter.

Build a shelter for your barbecue

If you want to enjoy your barbecue without complaining about the weather, it is best to protect it from the wind, the rain and the snow. To do so, you can block the wind by building a shelter with wood or tarps. You can also protect your barbecue from the cold by wrapping it with heat-resistant thermal insulation. This way, the cold temperatures will no longer be a factor when you feel like grilling. If you do not want to build a shelter, the easiest way to protect your barbecue is to bring it closer to your patio door. All you’ll have to do to check on your food is to open the door. The only downside to this technique is that your heating bill might increase, depending on how often you open the door.

Do not wear loose clothing

Avoid wearing clothes that are too long or loose, such as a scarf, while grilling. It could slip on the barbecue grills and might catch fire. Nylon or polyester clothing is also flammable. Be aware !

Clear the snow from your barbecue

A cover of snow on your barbecue will make it work harder to get to the right temperature. Remove all of the snow before starting the grill.

Check the level of your tank

If you use a propane barbecue, it is essential to check the level of your propane tank regularly. BBQing during winter requires a little more propane than during summer. It would be a shame to have to refill the tank in the middle of the cooking process.

Check the inside of your barbecue

Your barbecue may be the perfect hiding place for small animals. Make sure there are no intruders in your barbecue. Look everywhere carefully, especially under the grills.

Be organized

Cooking during the winter requires perfect preparation. If you want to avoid walking back and forth from your barbecue to the kitchen, put all the ingredients required on a tray to bring outside and make sure you do not forget anything !

Preheat the barbecue

When it’s cold, plan at least 5 to 10 minutes to preheat your barbecue, so it gets to the right temperature. The lower the temperature is outside and the stronger the wind is, the longer preheating will take.

Avoid opening the lid

Because of the cold weather, you should avoid opening your barbecue lid as much as possible so that the cold does not affect the cooking temperature during your winter barbecue sessions. Keep this saying in mind : when we look, we do not cook !

Use barbecue mitts

Yes, we know, oven mitts are warm and comfy, but they can also be flammable. So, do not take a chance and buy mitts or gloves specifically designed for the BBQ.

Bluetooth thermometer

If you want to go out as little as possible during cooking sessions, get yourself a Bluetooth thermometer, so you can check the temperature of your food from the comfort of your living room. A must for winter barbecue!


Written by Thierry Bastien