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POW! Cannon Powder—an explosive flavor enhancer!

Take out your thermometers because it’s going to get hot, ladies and gents! 🔥 🥵 Oh yeah! We are spicing…

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What is Black Tiger? 

In a nutshell, it’s a great black dry marinade. More precisely, it contains activated charcoal, which causes all the spices…

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The Ultimate Sauce: the Maple Pikanté Sauce

I am really happy to finally be able to tell you about our Maple Pikanté sauce. This sauce is the…

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How to Properly Clean Your BBQ

Today, I’m revealing all my secrets, tips and tricks to help keep your BBQ super clean. That’s right – I’m…

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How to properly care for your Grill

Maintaining a clean BBQ isn’t complicated when you’re well equipped!  Today I’m going to talk about several really great products…

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Lobster Stuffed Beef Heart 

I seriously enjoy cooking carnivorous recipes and feeling the rush of energy they give me! In fact, many people have…

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Our definition of a “Canadian BBQ”

Since the dawn of time, people have been grilling food over fire. As some Southern states in the US have…

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Storing Dry Rubs: Ultimate Freshness in 4 steps

Spices and rubs are amongst the best investments you can make as a BBQ fanatic. They are inexpensive, open up…

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New markets, new recipes

The huge success of the House of BBQ Experts’ mother brand and its multiple projects and collaborations has generated quite…

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Cast Iron vs Stainless Steel: Which Is Best For Your BBQ?

Everybody likes a good debate. Even more so if it gives a reason to joke around and argue when you…

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