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The best pound-for-pound vertical smoker on the market

Weber Smokey Mountain

Few companies have ventured into the manufacture of vertical smokers because Weber has dominated this market for several years. And few have made a smoker as good as the Weber Smokey Mountain. 

The Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM., Bullet Smoker or R2-D2 for short) is the best vertical smoker. With its durable enamelled steel construction, it stands out for its waterproof make. This is far superior to other BBQs of the same kind. It’s available in three sizes: 14”, 18.5” and 22.5”. The advantage of this type of smoker is its simplicity of manufacture and the few parts used. This allows Weber to focus on their quality and create grills that sell between $299 and $499 and lasts more than 10 years.


The nitty-gritty


The vertical smoker is comprised of three floors: the bottom is called the fire pit and this floor contains a grid that raises the coal from the bottom to allow it to breathe. In the fire put we have three air intakes distributed around the base. The centre floor includes a door that is used to add charcoal with a chimney or chips.

The centre floor also includes a bowl, which has several uses. It serves as a liquid container to add moisture to your meat, which evaporates during cooking. You can put water, apple juice, orange juice, wine, beer and even bourbon. It also acts as a heat diffuser, blocking the charcoal from the meat and preventing it from roasting. Its last use is to act as an “air circulation regulator”. The bowl leaves a two-centimetre clearance all the way around that prevents too much air from rising and increasing circulation; the top floor has two superimposed grates and also includes the lid with an air outlet that helps regulate your temperature and the amount of moisture you want to keep.


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The Weber Smokey Mountain: trusted by real competition grillers


When you walk around an international BBQ competition, you notice that Weber Smokey Mountains often sit beside expensive upscale smokers. However, they often even win the competition. Yes, the “Pitmaster” has a lot to do with the end result of his/her creation, but they’re still often working with a Weber Smokey Mountain. That’s because they are inexpensive. It’s also because we can easily transport them from one competition to another and because they do not require a high level of maintenance. In fact, you only have to wash them well for about five minutes and they’re like new!

So if you’re a “smoker” at heart with a budget of less than $500 and you’re craving ribs, chicken, pork shoulders, brisket, pies, cakes, baked beans and even smoked chili, the WSM is for you!

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