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House of BBQ Experts is a dynamic young and visionary team with a common passion : the grill.

House of BBQ Experts is a company founded by Max and JP Lavoie, two young visionaries from the Quebec City area, in the province of Quebec, Canada.

For years now, they’ve been completely dedicated to perfecting their grilling techniques and working with different types of BBQs. They first got their passion from their father, who transferred them all his knowledge and secrets for impeccable cooking on the grill.

True gourmets and foodies, Max and JP then decided to rely on quality barbecues, amazing techniques, accessories and tools to promote their barbecue culture and lifestyle. In 2012, they created their own company : BBQ Quebec.

They inaugurated their first store in Ste-Foy (Quebec City area) in 2014 and offer since then a personalized service to barbecue enthusiasts like them; beginners to professionals. There’s now 4 official BBQ Quebec stores, all located in the province of Quebec. The popularity and originality of this concept got immensely popular. Very quickly, the stores and the brand made themselves known and has been a real success ever since. Their motto ? Changing the world, one barbecue at a time.

From there, full of ideas and always on the move, Max and JP decided to extend their offer to the rest of North America, so that everyone can enjoy high-end quality products at a very reasonable price. Our flavors, all the way from Quebec, Canada, are now available across North America through the line : House of BBQ Experts.

BBQ EXPERTS TEAM Talents, professionalism and dedication

Max is a Jedi of barbecuing. Don’t challenge him on anything, because he’ll do it and he’ll do it on the grill. He wanted to prove to his mentor, and friend, Steven Raichlen that even sushi could be barbecued and, surprisingly, his sushi-beef-melon recipe has nothing to envy regular sushi. Always on top of the newest technologies, Max and his brother JP are constantly developing their own line of BBQ accessories. A born entrepreneur, he’s a leader for his team of passionate employees and his fans. He’s vastly known as the BBQ expert in the province of Quebec.
JP joined his older brother Max to open the very first BBQ Quebec store in 2014. From a concept they jointly developed in 2012, in their parents’ hardware store, they developed a retail brand that’s 100% dedicated to the promotion of their lifestyle and passion for BBQ. JP is very creative and a real foodie. He’ll twist the typical poke bowl into a BBQ poke bowl, made with tofu, rice and tuna; that’s been entirely cooked on the grill. Loving good food and good products, he created the entire line of House of BBQ Experts rubs and sauces from his own recipes. It now counts more than a dozen products. He has also developed a concept of BBQ MasterClasses and has taught his BBQ basics to more than 15 000 students in our different locations.
Pierre-Luc is a brand ambassador for House of BBQ experts… but he wasn’t always the food-loving type of guy. “When I was young, I was so picky about food. I only ate peanut butter toasts! It changed around the age of 14 when my dad started smoking meat on the BBQ. I got interested in different types of foods.” A very sad event changed Pierre-Luc’s life forever: The death of his mother. “When my mother passed away, I was 21. Around that time, my dad bought me a large barbecue. It forced me to start eating different kinds of meat and fish. By making my own food on the BBQ, I started to eat better.”
Pierre-Luc’s passion for the barbecue was ever so growing. So much that he began to buy multiple barbecues to get to know them better, and then sell them again. “I bought and sold about 25 BBQs!”