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House of BBQ Experts is a dynamic young team with a common passion: the grill

BBQ Experts

House of BBQ Experts is a Montreal, Quebec-based company that offers BBQ products, knowledge, support and more. Max and JP Lavoie, two young visionaries from the Quebec City area, cofounded the company.

The Lavoie brothers completely dedicated their lives to perfecting grilling techniques, and have been working with different types of BBQs since being teenagers. Their father passed on his love, knowledge and secrets for grilling to the boys, who went on to lead a successful business.

True gourmets and foodies, Max and JP then decided to rely on quality barbecues, amazing techniques, accessories and tools to promote their barbecue culture and lifestyle. In 2012, they created their own company: BBQ Quebec.

They opened their first store in Ste-Foy (Quebec City area) in 2014. Since then they began offering personalized service to barbecue enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals. There’s now six official BBQ Quebec stores, all located in the province of Quebec. The originality of this concept proved popular with BBQ enthusiasts. As a result, the stores and the brand rapidly gained notoriety. Their motto? Changing the world, one barbecue at a time.

North America’s Top 10 BBQ Experts

When I reflect on sneaking a position in North America’s Top 10 pitmasters, alongside the best of them, it confirms to me that I should continue sharing my passion and it proves that all our hard work is appreciated.
My Team and I love to share our expertise and nourish our passion to grill year-round, eat well and make Pitmaster’s techniques available to everyone.
We also develop our own tools and flavors: accessories, rubs, sauces, and wood flavors to elevate everyone’s game, our grilling game, together.
This recognition reaches me straight to the heart and I am happy to share it with you.
Thank you for your continued support!


For the article : North America’s Top 10 BBQ Experts by We Love Fire

House of BBQ Experts expansion

Full of ideas and always on the move, Max and JP recently decided to extend their offer to the rest of North America. 

“Our flavors, all the way from Quebec, Canada, are now available across North America through the House of BBQ Experts line. Now everyone can enjoy high-end quality products at very reasonable prices.”

–   JP Lavoie, Vice President

February 2020

Max Lavoie and Pierre-Luc Darveau landed in this issue of Hearth and Home Magazine, showcasing their 2019 VESTA Award win, at the HPBExpo in Dallas, Tx, for Best BBQ Accessory, the All-in-1. Learn more.

March 2020

Max wins first place in the ”burger” category in the March 2020 edition of World Food Championship in New Orleans, LA, and the first place overall recognition for Quebec in the ”Taste of Canada” contest, with his ‘Surf N’ Turf’ burger!

His win qualifies him for the prestigious World Food Championships finale.

This latest achievement, much on the creativity front, came from years of experience grilling in front of the camera, at events, for customers and family.  With numerous participations on the international scene and awards received at various BBQ competitions around the world,  Max Lavoie is never short of ideas to marry fire and flavors!

As such, he was recently recognized as one of North America’s Top 10 BBQ Experts.  The article features our House of BBQ Experts’ BBQ Guru, Max Lavoie, amongst the Franklin, Mixon, Goldwyn and Raichlen of the world…

April 2020
In April, Statista, a research company, compiled the Financial Times Americas’ ranking The FT highlights 500 businesses who distinguished themselves with their compound growth rate in revenue the past four years. House of BBQ Experts and BBQ Québec are proud to be listed on this prestigious ranking.  This nomination is a testament to hard work and everyone’s dedication.
October 2020
For two consecutive years, BBQ Québec & House of BBQ Experts are recognized on the annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. The 2020 Growth List ranks the company #141 and 7th in the country, in the retail space.  With a jump of 74 points over last year, the company is proud to share a 660% increase based on five-year revenue growth.

“The efforts and engagement of every staff member is the real win. We would have never achieved this success without the trust clients put in our team. In an industry thought of as being seasonal, it’s incredible to see that we can share our passion for BBQ all 4 seasons of the year.”

      –   Max Lavoie, President  

January 2022

Being selected and approved for the CBRB Best Businesses In Canada 2022, for maintaining a 4+ star Google review rating of customer satisfaction.

About House of BBQ Experts

House of BBQ Experts was unveiled in 2017 and is already well-known in North America. Three cofounders manage House of BBQ Experts and BBQ Québec.  The Lavoie brothers, Max, JP and also Ariane Lefebvre, a woman CEO leading the company in a traditionally male-dominated industry. The company’s leadership has cultivated an open and creative atmosphere as they move forward towards growth and success. For years, the Lavoie Brothers dedicated their lives to BBQ culture, attending international BBQ competitions. They’ve perfected their grilling techniques and professional use of different types of BBQs along with developing their proprietary line of rubs, sauces, accessories and fuel types.  They also offer 4 ‘ready-to-grill’ grocery products which are available in hundreds of grocery stores in Quebec, Canada.  

Today, with their products being available in over 1000 points of sales in Canada, the USA and e-commerce, the BBQ Québec and House of BBQ Experts teams continue living their passion and sharing their mission : “Together, changing the world, one bbq at a time.”


About the 2020 Growth List

For over 30 years, the Growth List has been Canada’s most respectable and influential ranking of entrepreneurial achievement. Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year growth, the Growth List profiles the country’s most successful growing businesses.  The Growth List is produced by Canadian Business.  


About Canadian Business

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BBQ EXPERTS TEAM Talents, professionalism and dedication

Max is a Jedi of barbecuing. Don’t challenge him on anything because he’ll do it and he’ll do it on the grill. He wanted to prove to his mentor and friend, Steven Raichlen, that even sushi could be barbecued. The result? His sushi-beef-melon recipe goes toe-to-toe with any regular sushi! Alway looking to improve the 'All Things BBQ’ experience and share in turn with staff, customers and family, he launches his collection of rubs & sauces for an healthier alternative, made of only high quality ingredients. On top of the newest technologies, he develops with his brother JP a line of innovative & improved accessories, created and tested as much for the apprentice as the serious pit master. His competition experience with multiple 1st places, in addition to astonishing product expertise, being recipient of a BBQ Accessory grand prize, brings him to being invited as a subject matter expert in panels, radio and tv appearances. A born entrepreneur, he’s a leader for his team of passionate employees and his fans. Hands-on President who loves to get to know his business partners, staff & customers and just talk about BBQ, he’s particularly well-known as the expert of BBQ in the province of Quebec, Canada.
JP joined his older brother Max to open the very first BBQ Quebec store in 2014. From a concept they jointly developed in 2012 in their parents’ hardware store, they developed a retail brand that’s 100% dedicated to the promotion of their lifestyle and passion for BBQ. JP is seriously creative and a real foodie. He’ll twist the typical poke bowl into a BBQ poke bowl made with tofu, rice and tuna; all of it cooked on the grill, naturally. A lover of good food and good products, he created the entire line of House of BBQ Experts rubs and sauces from his own recipes. The line now stands at more than 20 products. He has also developed a concept of BBQ MasterClasses for BBQ Basics and advanced Grilling techniques, which has been taught to more than 25,000 students in the different BBQ classroom locations.
Mathieu first discovered food at a young age. On special occasions and religious holidays, both his grandmothers would host his family, and the food was truly what everyone was looking forward to. “Food brings people together”.

As Mathieu became a young adult, he started hosting friends and family himself. Coming from a competitive family, all members of his family take pride in “who did it best”? Mathieu decided to do something different; smoke a turkey on the grill. He served it for Christmas dinner, everyone loved it, and it sparked a fire inside him that changed his life.

Today, Mathieu is an award-winning professional BBQ competitor and a certified BBQ judge with the Kansas City Barbecue Society and the Steak Cook-off Association. His Instagram page, @BBQwithDREW showcases some of the incredible meals he’s created.

Mathieu’s BBQ specialty? That’s a hard one to answer. He prefers to cook big meats low and slow. He insists, “pork shoulder is the most forgiving cut of meat, ribs are a crowd-pleaser, whole hog is the most rewarding to cook, but brisket will always have a special place in my heart since brisket was my first professional award”. In other words, his specialty is pretty much any meat he can get his hands on.

Being House of BBQ Experts Ambassador is a treat for Mathieu as he enjoys the grind of being on the road for the company, meeting with new customers, and sharing his passion for BBQ with the rest of the world.